From Body Positive Magazine Covers to Universal Parody Ads

 - Jan 30, 2017
The 2016 media trends have begun to forgo stereotypical tropes, and instead are increasingly niche in order for brands to target more specific demographics. Whether it is the increasing diversity and body positive messaging in media or the use of more subversive or humorous marketing tactics, media trends this year have been much more playful. Trend Hunter's 2017 Trend Report features many different media and marketing-related ideas and innovations that are up-and-coming for the new year.

Brands are now slowly beginning to cater to the demands of the general population that models should be more representative of different body types, rather than one specific idealized image that most women are unable to achieve. The 'Body Brigade' issue of 'Ebony Magazine' is one example of the growing representation of various body types, with the magazine specifically emphasizing the role of women of color in promoting and spreading positive body self-image in women and girls.

For many years, the media was highly stereotypical in the way it represented and targeted different groups – but now brands are using subversive humor and even parodying themselves in order to market to their target audiences. One such example is the parody ad that the marketing company 'Cossette' created, with the self-proclaimed "super ad" poking fun of stereotypical commercial formulas and applying the concept into a humorous, universal ad.