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posture Search Results

Posture-Improving Apps
Posture-Improving Apps
Fix Posture Only Lets You Read Online Sites While Maintaining Good Posture
More individuals are spending long amounts of time staring at a computer screen, and many of them do not maintain good posture while doing so—in an effort to fix people’s posture, ‘... MORE
Unique Avant-Garde Wallpaper
Unique Avant-Garde Wallpaper
MuralsWallpaper Debuts a Collection of 'Blue Nude' Inspired Murals
In celebration of French artist, Henri Émile Benoît Matisse’s 150 years since birth, MuralsWallpaper—an in house designed wallpaper mural company—has launched a collection of &#... MORE
Sturdy Posture-Supporting Solutions
Sturdy Posture-Supporting Solutions
The 'BackShield' Back Posture Support Has a Portable Design
The ‘BackShield’ back posture support is an ergonomic product for consumers who struggle with back pain to help them correct the issue at the starting point. The solution works by being... MORE
Minimalist Strain-Preventing Laptop Stands
Minimalist Strain-Preventing Laptop Stands
The 'PILLR' Laptop Stand Works with Any Laptop Size
The ‘PILLR’ laptop stand is a minimalist accessory for workstations that will help to put the computer equipment at the optimal height without drastically changing the aesthetic of a... MORE
Aftermarket Cushioning Backpack Straps
Aftermarket Cushioning Backpack Straps
The 'NEX' Bag Mate Alleviates Pressure from Heavy Packs
Carrying a heavy backpack is notorious for quickly causing discomfort for the wearer when commuting or traveling, so the ‘NEX’ bag mate has been developed as an aftermarket accessory... MORE
Back-Strengthening Stationary Bikes
Back-Strengthening Stationary Bikes
The 'FBeBike' Enables a Total Body Workout
The ‘FBeBike’ stationary bike is a different kind of workout machine that will allow athletes to partake in training from home that eliminates the need for multiple stages or routines.... MORE
Connected Meditation Cushions
Connected Meditation Cushions
Aduri's Product Harnesses New Tech to Deliver Optimal Relaxation
Connected meditation cushions can have a substantial influence on one’s mindful rituals. New York-based company Aduri is gearing up to release one such product on the market. The offering is... MORE
Hands-Free Mobility Aids
Hands-Free Mobility Aids
BiKube is a Seated Walker That Supports Increased Independence at Home
Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, BiKube is being launched as a new kind of mobility aid that takes the form of a hands-free seated walker. BiKube boasts a space-saving design that... MORE
Facial Recognition Taxi Safety
Facial Recognition Taxi Safety
Yandex Will Add Software to Detect Exhausted Russian Taxi Drivers
Russian taxi drivers will now undergo facial recognition, in order to detect exhausted drivers and require them to rest. The device will be located on a car windshield and it contains software that... MORE
Top 100 Health Trends in July
Top 100 Health Trends in July
From Connected Meditation Cushions to Special Hand Therapy Devices
The July 2019 health trends aim to improve one’s overall wellbeing across multiple angles, including mental health, physical health, and more. There are both products and services that work... MORE
Interactive Social TVs
Interactive Social TVs
The AI Hisense Social TV with Hi Table Hosts Video Chats, Karaoke and More
Hisense recently introduced the Social TV with Hi Table interactive system for the Chinese market, promising to make it possible for consumers to participate in a variety of “highly futuristic... MORE
Highly Compatible Smart TVs
Highly Compatible Smart TVs
Huawei's Honor Vision is a Smart TV That Focuses on Smart Features
Huawei has launched the first HarmonyOS device, which will be a smart TV named Honor Vision. The Honor vision will be equipt with a camera that is able to use Huawei’s neural processing unit,... MORE
play_circle_filled Multifunctional Foldable Laptop Stands
Multifunctional Foldable Laptop Stands
The Flipfold Stand is a Convenient Invisible Laptop Stand
With remote working options becoming more mainstream, many professionals and students are frustrated with the lack of convenient and ergonomic laptop stands—hence the launch of the Flipfold... MORE
play_circle_filled Core-Strengthening Pain Devices
Core-Strengthening Pain Devices
Plexus Wheel Plus Helps Reduce Back Pain
The Plexus Wheel Plus is built to perfectly fit between users shoulder blades, helping to reduce back pain. The device breaks down scar tissue that builds on spins over time to massage out tension... MORE
Gait Recognition Technology
Gait Recognition Technology
Watrix Technology Can Identifies Humans Based on Their Walking Pattern
While consumers are well aware of facial recognition, Chinese startup Watrix has launched a gait recognition technology. The gait recognition technology is 96% accurate and allows individuals to be... MORE
Wearable Meditation Headbands
Wearable Meditation Headbands
Muse Attempts to Reveal the Connection Between the Mind and the Body
Given the fast-paced environment of today, a meditation headband might be a worthwhile investment. The product boasts an elegant aesthetic and a silhouette that is focused on exuding minimalism... MORE
Design-Conscious Therapeutic Seats
Design-Conscious Therapeutic Seats
smarin's sChaise is Ergonomically Correct & Enhances Postures
smarin’s therapeutic seat is a “radical alternative” to traditional pieces. The object has a minimalist and irregular chair shape. It is built atop a round steel frame. Elastic... MORE
play_circle_filled Rejuvenating Face Yoga Exercises
Rejuvenating Face Yoga Exercises
Face Yoga with Koko Promotes Facial Tone and Volume
Face yoga exercises harbor a number of benefits for aging and facial paralysis. Through regular sessions, individuals are able to increase muscle tone and preserve a more youthful complexion as they... MORE
Back-Aligning Seat Cushions
Back-Aligning Seat Cushions
The EVA Cushion Helps to Prevent Bad Posture While Providing Comfort
Office workers, busy students, and others who lead mostly sedentary lifestyles will likely benefit from the new EVA Cushion, which is currently being funded on Kickstarter. Flexible, portable, and... MORE
AI-Customized Insoles
AI-Customized Insoles
The 'SennoFit' Insoles are Designed with Your Needs in Mind
The ‘SennoFit’ insoles are an artificial intelligence-customized solution for consumers that will help them to improve their posture, stance and overall performance in a simple way. The... MORE
Posture-Improving Undergarments
Posture-Improving Undergarments
The Kinflyte Posture Wear Effortless Improves the Back and More
The Kinflyte posture wear has been developed as an effortless way for women to improve their health on a daily basis without having to make any drastic changes to their lifestyle. The lineup of... MORE
Overnight Mouth-Securing Bands
Overnight Mouth-Securing Bands
The 'GODSUMM' Strips Prevent Mouth Breathing, Grinding and More
The ‘GODSUMM’ strips are an effortless sleep solution that will work to keep the mouth closed during the entire night to eliminate the occurrence of common ailments that can come about... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April
From Food-Themed Astrology to Posture-Improving Undergarments
The wide range of April 2019 lifestyle trends explores a variety of different ways that day-to-day products and services are taking a progressive route entering the Spring season. Food delivery... MORE
Posture-Supporting Standing Desk Mats
Posture-Supporting Standing Desk Mats
The 'BLACKROLL' Smart Move Board Alleviates Back Pressure
Standing desks have become quite popular with consumers looking to stave off the effects of sitting for too long but can be uncomfortable for long-term use, so the ‘BLACKROLL’ smart move... MORE