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Accessible Prosthetic

Prosthetic limbs are made with more than physical accessibility in mind

Implications - Individuals who require prosthetic limbs are concerned with accessibility not just when it comes to their physical mobility, but in multifaceted social and economic ways -- a fact which companies that provide prosthetic limbs are now aiming to integrate. With additional points of availability that can range from cost to self-building programs, the world of prosthetic design and use has become much more inclusive to individuals who would otherwise be unable to reap the benefits of new technologies due to costs and/or geographic remoteness.
Workshop Question — How could your brand prioritise accessibility?
6 Featured, 28 Examples:
33,638 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 17 — Nov 18
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Performance-Enhancing Prosthetics
Performance-Enhancing Prosthetics
The Marie-T Prosthetic Changes the Way Ballerinas Perform
Designed by Pratt Institute graduate Jae-Hyun An, the Marie-T prosthetic leg is a unique artificial limb that encourages a new genre of ballet. Unlike conventional artificial limbs, the Marie-T... MORE
Adjustable Low-Cost Prosthetics
Adjustable Low-Cost Prosthetics
The 'BAMBOODIA' Prosthetic is Designed for Teenagers
Prosthetics often come with a high price tag and the need to be replaced continuously when worn by children who are growing, so the conceptual ‘BAMBOODIA’ prosthetic aims to change this... MORE
Prosthetic-Building Kits
Prosthetic-Building Kits
These Prosthetics in a Box Make Replacement Limbs More Accessible
These prosthetics in a box comprise a modular kit that makes it possible for someone to construct affordable and functional limb replacements. From Not Impossible Labs and Mike Ebeling’s... MORE
Affordable Prosthetic Appendages
Affordable Prosthetic Appendages
A New Low-Cost Prosthetic Foot Better Mimics a Biological Foot
A newly developed low-cost prosthetic foot, developed by engineers at MIT, aims to let wearers walk with a fluid motion while being affordable and accessible to everyone. According to engineers at... MORE
play_circle_filled Dual-Handed Robotic Prosthetics
Dual-Handed Robotic Prosthetics
The Youbionic Double Hand Increases Capabilities When Worn
The Youbionic Double Hand has been engineered to provide users with the ability to double their capabilities with a single hand to increase output when performing a variety of different tasks. The... MORE
Adjustable Developing Nation Prosthetics
Adjustable Developing Nation Prosthetics
The 'Ring' Prosthetic Leg Grows Along with Children
The conceptual ‘Ring’ prosthetic leg has been designed by Snežana Jeremić as a piece of medical equipment that will enable children in developing nations to be supported if they have... MORE

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3D-Printed Ballet Slippers
3D-Printed Ballet Slippers
'P-rouette' Features a Pain-Reducing Design for Dancers
Intuitive Dancer Training Devices
Intuitive Dancer Training Devices
Ching-Hui Yang Builds a Brass Tool That Motivates Muscle Memory
Sensation-Detecting Materials
Sensation-Detecting Materials
This Newly Developed Electronic Dermis Can Sense Pain
Tactile Prosthetic Attachments
Tactile Prosthetic Attachments
This Module Offers Accurate Electrical Feedback to Patients
play_circle_filled Changing Disability Narratives
Changing Disability Narratives
Lauren Wasser Delivered a Speech on Role Models for TEDx
Delicate Ballet Fashion Editorials
Delicate Ballet Fashion Editorials
Stanislava Postnova Models Designs by Moscow's Emerging Talent
Ultra-Sensitive Electronic Skins
Ultra-Sensitive Electronic Skins
These Colorado Scientists Unveiled Self-Healing Electronic Skins
In Vitro Ear Regeneration
In Vitro Ear Regeneration
New Ears Have Been Grown in 3D-Printed Molds for Kids Born with Microtia
Electronic Skin Technologies
Electronic Skin Technologies
This Electronic Skin Technology Allows Users to Operate Devices
Empowering Mastectomy Bras
Empowering Mastectomy Bras
Anna Bonny's Post-Mastectomy Bras Take Inspiration from Eyepatches
Prosthetic Swimming Fins
Prosthetic Swimming Fins
The Nimble Prosthetic Fin Increases Swimming Efficiency
play_circle_filled Charitable Fast Food Campaigns
Charitable Fast Food Campaigns
Burger King's 'All Hands on Flavor' Lends a Hand to Those in Need
Hike-Enabling Prosthetic Legs
Hike-Enabling Prosthetic Legs
The 'Hierex' Prosthetic Leg Concept Enables Amputees to Hike
play_circle_filled Controllable Prosthetic Thumbs
Controllable Prosthetic Thumbs
The 'Third Thumb' Allows Users to Extend Their Natural Abilities
play_circle_filled Movement-Sensing Prosthetics
Movement-Sensing Prosthetics
This New Prosthetic Uses Haptic Feedback to Provide Muscle Sense
Intuitive Bionic Hands
Intuitive Bionic Hands
This Smart Prosthetic Limb Gives Wearers More Natural and Flexible Movement
Budget-Friendly Dental Prosthetics
Budget-Friendly Dental Prosthetics
Wiema's Dental Products Are Affordable and Beautifully Branded
Cost-Effective Robotic Prosthetics
Cost-Effective Robotic Prosthetics
BrainRobotics' Innovative Hands Were Showcased at CES 2017
Digitally Interfacing Prosthetic Devices
Digitally Interfacing Prosthetic Devices
'Shortcut' Helps Amputees to Control Digital Platforms
3D-Printed Ear Prosthetics
3D-Printed Ear Prosthetics
A Scottish Doctor is Using 3D Technology to Help Children With Microtia
Protective Penguin Prosthetics
Protective Penguin Prosthetics
This 3D-Printed Prosthetic is Helping a Disabled Penguin Walk Again
play_circle_filled Thought-Controlled Bionic Arms
Thought-Controlled Bionic Arms
Mobius Bionics' LUKE Arm is the Next Generation of Prosthetics
Promotional Pranking Cider Campaigns
Promotional Pranking Cider Campaigns
The 'Smith & Forge' Hard Cider Ad Goes Completely Viral
play_circle_filled Tattoo Machine Prosthetics
Tattoo Machine Prosthetics
This Unique Prosthetic is Artistically Modified to be a Tattoo Machine
3D-Printed Jaw Prosthetics
3D-Printed Jaw Prosthetics
This Doctor Created a Lightweight 3D Prosthetic for a Cancer Survivor
Printed Robot Salamanders
Printed Robot Salamanders
Thsi 3D-Printed Animal Replicates the Movements of an Amphibian
Bionic Gaming Hands
Bionic Gaming Hands
The Deux Ex Arm Turns the Virtual Cyberpunk Universe into a Gaming Accessory
3D-Printed Artificial Limbs
3D-Printed Artificial Limbs
The Youbionic Bionic Hand is Controlled by Muscle Contractions