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Greetings !

I am so excited to officially share Trend Hunter's exclusive interview with Malcolm Gladwell. I recently sat down with Malcolm to discuss the study of ideas, innovation and curiosity as a preview to this year's Trend Hunter Future Festival World Summit.

We are thrilled to host Malcolm as a featured keynote speaker at this year's Future Festival event in Toronto, from September 18-20th. Join 1,200 of the world's top innovators as they experience the future of trends and consumer insights like never before. VIP ticket holders will get to have a private lunch with Malcolm and myself during the event. Reserve your tickets today by clicking here.

Also, for our West Coast innovators, today is the last chance to get your Early Bird tickets to our upcoming one-day Super Sessions in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Get your tickets here.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Hybrid Croissant
Croissants are used as the starting point for new desserts and dishes Implications - Croissants are being used as the base of various dishes and desserts, creating unique hybrid products. Such items serve as an example for how brands can cater to consumers’... [More]
Bio Straw
Brands and government policies ban or phase out traditional plastic straws Implications - With brands and certain governments increasingly focusing on the impact of their waste-related policies, along with consumer lifestyle habits related to excess consumption, a step... [More]
Accessible Mixology
The practice of making high quality cocktails is increasingly attainable Implications - The rise of at-home drinking among Millennials has brought on a surge of mixology apps that allow users to craft quality cocktails. These apps indicate the continued rise of artisan... [More]
Speed Drying
Hair enhancement brands offer hair dry-speeding formulas instead of tools Implications - Hair products are coming with innovative formulas in liquid or cream forms that actually speed up the natural or heat-initiated drying time of wet hair. More than simply offering... [More]
Accommodating Education
North American brands topically tackle inequality in the school system Implications - Inequality in the United States schooling system is rampant in a number of ways, and brands are aiming to address some of these issues in small but impactful ways. This shift has a two-... [More]

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FranciePants Aims to Empower Women With Its Collections

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EMPTY R _ _ M and SKOLOCT Drop an Exclusive Line of Streetwear

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Nigo's Human Created a Line of School Accessories for Kids

6. Ultra-Modern Beach Houses

Dune Road House Offers High-End Finishes as Well as Views of the Ocean

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The Kwik Charger Cloth Texture iPhone Case is Drop-Proof

8. Luxe Historic Vacation Rentals

The Casa Xolotl is a High-End Modern Rental Home in Merida

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Sticker Mule's Clear Roll Labels Give Small Businesses a Clean Look

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