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Hey there!

I am so excited to officially share Trend Hunter's exclusive interview with Malcolm Gladwell. I recently sat down with Malcolm to discuss the study of ideas, innovation and curiosity as a preview to this year's Trend Hunter Future Festival World Summit.

We are thrilled to host Malcolm as a featured keynote speaker at this year's Future Festival event in Toronto, from September 18-20th. Join 1,200 of the world's top innovators as they experience the future of trends and consumer insights like never before. VIP ticket holders will get to have a private lunch with Malcolm and myself during the event. Reserve your tickets today by clicking here.

Also, for our West Coast innovators, today is the last chance to get your Early Bird tickets to our upcoming one-day Super Sessions in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Get your tickets here.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Generational Gaming
Classic gaming products and services are revamped for generational preferences Implications - Traditional gaming products and services are being repackaged and sold from the perspective of generations, particularly for those belonging to the Millennial demographic. These... [More]
Prompted Polling
Social media-incorporated polling has emerging implications in market research Implications - With brands often finding it difficult to conduct effective surveys due to low user response, some are turning to social media polling systems in order to better engage with what... [More]
Aspirational Rest
Products designed to help consumers sleep are positioned as luxury goods Implications - Moving away from more utilitarian or strictly health value propositions, products designed to help consumers sleep are taking on more luxurious positioning. Speaking to the general... [More]
Biometric Banking 2.0
Banking processes are made more secure through emerging biometric systems Implications - Addressing consumer concerns around security and a need for convenience, financial institutions are rolling out and experimenting with emerging biometric security measures. Though... [More]
Fashion Gaming
Luxury fashion brands enter the gaming space via experiences and collectibles Implications - High fashion and cosmetics brands are incorporating interactive gaming into their product experience, whether that’s in the form of collectible board games, or in-store... [More]

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