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Hey there!

Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2019 with the official release of our 2019 Trend Forecast, which you can watch on YouTube or download for free here.

Explore some of the biggest and most influential trends of the year, with everything from the resurgence of dystopian imagery and literature in pop-culture, to the use of augmented reality in reinventing traditional rituals.

To go even more in-depth with the trends and insights we've observed for this year, and even the next, join us at one of the 12 Future Festival events we'll be hosting between January-October!


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Jan 15New York
Jan 17Orlando
Jan 24California
Jan 29Phoenix
Feb 04Orlando
Feb 05Atlanta
Feb 06Illinois
Feb 13Atlanta
Feb 26Florida
Mar 18Cincinnati
Mar 19Florida
Mar 20Atlanta
Apr 11Dublin
Apr 16Maryland
Apr 23Bangkok
May 01Niagara
May 09Kansas City
May 13Seattle
May 16Sydney
May 21New York
May 23Minneapolis
May 30Ecuador
Jun 27Berlin
Jul 15LA
Jul 17Philadelphia
Jul 18Chicago
Oct 01Toronto
Consumer Insights
Feminist Catalyzation
The Time's Up and #MeToo Movements Become Brands in Themselves Implications - ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘#MeToo’ are examples of movements highlighting gender inequalities and harassment in the workplace. The popularity of these movements has resulted in... [More]
Dystopian Resurgence
Dystopian representations in literature and pop culture are back on the rise Implications - Classic dystopian imagery and literature is being revisited, and dystopian societies as concepts are being reimagined, as a result of the political and technological forces that are... [More]
Augmented Tradition
Rituals steeped in tradition are adopted into augmented reality platforms Implications - Practices that were once heavy in tradition, myth or personal ritual are being integrated into AR formats. This shift reveals the importance of tech in not only representing history... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Counter Space-Saving Cookers

The 'Ordine' Cooking Hub is Optimized for Small Living Spaces

2. Stylish Stringed Cocoon Chairs

Tim Kwok's Lounge Chair Boasts a Steel Frame & a Leather String Net

3. Relative-Inspired Furniture Lines

South African Fashion Designer Rich Mnisi Taps Sentimentalism

4. Humorous Social Media-Referencing Campaigns

The Instagram Egg Gets a Shout Out in This IKEA Poster

5. Efficient Chain-Free Bicycles

The 'NuBike' Reduces Stress on the Rider and Increases Speed

6. Nordic Treetop Cabins

These Elegant Cabins Offer a Relaxing Getaway in the Norwegian Woods

7. Ultra-Contemporary House Designs

CODA Bespoke Works to Create Two Homes That Compliment Each Other

8. Emissions-Free Leisure Boats

This Eco-Friendly Vessel from Vik Boats Has a Silent Operation

9. Minimalist Rectangular Homes

2001 Uses Glass and Concrete for This Compact House in Luxembourg

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Luxe Double-Neck Water Bottles

JuNiki is Touted as "the World's Most Expensive Drinking Bottle"

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Maison Margiela's New Shoe Highlights Large Logos at The Uppers


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