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Greetings !

With only a few weeks left in 2017, now is the perfect time to look ahead to next year's biggest trends. To find out more about the ideas that will dominate 2018 and beyond, download our exclusive 2018 Trend Report here for free! You can also see all of these trends in action by attending one of our 15 Future Festival events. Find out when "The World's Best Innovation Conference" is coming to a city near you by checking out our 2018 tour.

And now, here are the site's top weekly innovations:

Technology: MAC recently teamed up with Modiface to bring AR makeup mirrors to its stores.

Social Media: Ahead of the holiday season, Pinterest assembled Secret Santa Gift Guides for specific users.

Marketing: KFC has created a set of festive fried chicken ornaments for the holiday season.

Toys: LEGO's Build to Give campaign supports children who will be spending the holidays in the hospital by donating LEGO kits to pediatric units.


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Consumer Insights
Acupuncture Imitation
The benefits of acupuncture come in non-invasive forms Implications - The benefits of the centuries-old practice of acupuncture are now being incorporated into a variety of non-invasive products that offer everything from enhanced skin to massages. The... [More]
Compact Delivery
Compact electric delivery methods enhance efficiency and reduce costs Implications - Compact electric vehicles are being adopted into brands’ delivery methods as a way to reduce the costs associated with delivering products via traditional delivery vehicles.... [More]
Topical Electrolyte
Electrolytes are being infused into skincare products Implications - While most people are familiar with replenishing electrolytes via food and beverages, the skincare industry is now offering topical means of reaping the benefits of these salts. Known... [More]
Facial Balm
Facial balms become increasingly popular as skin enhancers rather than repairers Implications - Skincare balms are no longer viewed as simply reparative, and are now used in preventative ways to enhance facial skin instead of solely being used to heal skin concerns like extreme... [More]
Doctor Design
Doctors put their name behind cosmetic and fashion items Implications - Though many cosmetic and fashion products are conceptualized with research and expertise, particularly when it comes to their safety, that expertise is now being brought to the... [More]

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1. Touring Lagunitas Brewery

Lagunitas Makes Beer That Tells a Story

2. Submissive Modern Architectural Arrangements

Alterstudio Architecture Honors Nature Through Design

3. Artist-Inspired Casual Tees

Uniqlo Debuts Another Drop of Its Creativity-Forward SPRZN NY Project

4. Brutalist-Inspired Bluestone Houses

Finnis Architects Embraces Contemporary Design in This Project

5. Medical-Grade Pain Relief Slippers

These Slip-on LED Foot Pain Relievers Help to Relax Muscles

6. Shape-Shifting Robotic Sculptures

Ozel Office's Tech Artwork is Tech-Driven and Interactive

7. Squishy Egg Alarm Clocks

The 'MORNI' Egg-Shaped Alarm Clock Helps You Wake Up Happier

8. Award-Winning Hiking Boots

ECCO'S EXOSTRIKE DYNEEMA Won a 2018 OutDoor Industry Award

9. Realistic 3D Cat Portraits

Japanese Artist Wakuneco Crafts Busts of Cats for Grieving Owners

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