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Greetings !

With only a few weeks left in 2017, now is the perfect time to look ahead to next year's biggest trends. To find out more about the ideas that will dominate 2018 and beyond, download our exclusive 2018 Trend Report here for free! You can also see all of these trends in action by attending one of our 15 Future Festival events. Find out when "The World's Best Innovation Conference" is coming to a city near you by checking out our 2018 tour.

And now, here are the site's top weekly innovations:

Technology: MAC recently teamed up with Modiface to bring AR makeup mirrors to its stores.

Social Media: Ahead of the holiday season, Pinterest assembled Secret Santa Gift Guides for specific users.

Marketing: KFC has created a set of festive fried chicken ornaments for the holiday season.

Toys: LEGO's Build to Give campaign supports children who will be spending the holidays in the hospital by donating LEGO kits to pediatric units.


Jeremy Gutsche
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

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3. Geometric Menswear Designs

44Studio's Spring/Summer Lookbook Was Shot by Gorka Postigo

4. Iconic Model-Fronted Campaigns

These Saint Laurent Spring Ads Feature a Fur-Clad Kate Moss

5. Futuristic Retro-Inspired TVs

PDF Haus' 'Teleavia P111' is Inspired by a 1966 Design

6. 360-Degree Smartphone Lens

The 'Fishball' Clips Easily onto Devices

7. Tech-Free Water Conservation Devices

The 'FloSTEM' Water Saving Device Measures Use to Curb Use

8. State-Wide Green Habitats

The Haritha Keralam Mission in Kerala, India, Envisions a Green State

9. Experiential Coffee Chain Locations

Starbucks' Reserve Roastery Offers AR Tours and Unique Drinks

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