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Hey there!

December has officially arrived, and for many consumers that means the start of an annual shopping frenzy. Whether you're curious about the cutting-edge products filling shopping carts this season or looking to do some trend-forward gifting yourself, we've got you covered!

Our themed gifting lists cover innovative ideas ranging from futuristic tech to sustainable self-care. A few of my favorite categories are below, but you can head over to our website for more.

1. Customizable Gift Ideas: Personalized Visual Heartbeat Jewelry, Customizable Over-Ear Headphone Designs & More
2. Nostalgic Gift Ideas: 80s-Inspired Board Games, Retro Picnic Coolers & More
3. VR Gift Ideas: Storytelling VR Puzzle Games, VR Experience Gift Cards & More
4. Gen Z Gift Ideas: Punk DIY-Inspired Boots, Stackable Wireless Charger Speakers & More
5. Cruelty-Free Gift Ideas: Free-From Men's Skincare, Luxury Faux Fur Decor & More


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Dec 05New York City
Dec 09Cleveland
Jan 12 '20Cancun
Jan 24 '20Aventura
Feb 03 '20Seattle
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Feb 12 '20New Orleans
Feb 21 '20Phoenix
Mar 04 '20Las Vegas
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Mar 12 '20New York
Mar 16 '20Las Vegas
Mar 17 '20Los Angeles
Mar 19 '20Maui
Mar 23 '20Boston
Mar 25 '20Cincinnati
Mar 27 '20Atlanta
Apr 29 '20Las Vegas
May 13 '20Nashville
Jun 15 '20Salt Lake City
Jul 15 '20Arkansas

Consumer Insights
Pre-Mixed Mocktail
Non-alcoholic cocktails are sold pre-made and pre-mixed Trend - Brands both within and outside of the alcohol space are debuting premixed and packaged mocktail products. Keeping up with the popularity of premixed alcoholic cocktails and seltzers, this... [More]
Riced Alternative
Rice-based alternatives replace traditional food and beverage products Trend - In the “alternative ingredient” market within the food industry, rice-based products are growing in popularity. Used as alternatives for everything from meat to dairy, these... [More]
Cannabis Mixer
Cannabis-based mixers gain popularity as consumers look to enhance cocktails Trend - Beverages made to mix into alcoholic or virgin cocktails are incorporating cannabis–particularly CBD–into their offerings as consumers look to enhance the benefits of the items they... [More]
Familiar Cafe
Cannabis retailers offer their products in familiar formats and designs Trend - As cannabis becomes a mainstay in several North American industries, brands in this space are creating or entering retailers that are inspired by more traditional spaces. Whether in the form... [More]
Treated Scalp
Targeted scalp-specific serums are increasingly popular Trend - In another effort in the hair care industry to mimic the popularity of various skincare products, scalp-specific serums are now being offered to consumers. These products aim to target... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Modern Modular Utility Vehicles

The Neuron EV T.ONE Can be Adjusted to Suit Needs

2. Eco-Friendly Wood-Clad Cabins

The Indigo Cabin from Woonpioniers is Well-Equipped and Stylish

3. Spin-Friendly Sunglasses

Jimmy Fallon & Warby Parker Develop Classic Sunglasses with a Twist

4. Motor-Integrated Fidget Toys

The 'Revspinner' Alleviates Stress and Anxiety in an Automated Way

5. Ultra-Contemporary Vancouver Homes

D'Arcy Jones Architects Boast an Elegantly Chic House Aesthetic

6. Ultra-Chic Luxurious Clogs

This Special Birkenstock Release is Done in Collaboration with Concepts

7. Wireless Earphone Carrying Straps

The AirPod Carrying Strap Helps You Keep Track of Your AirPods

8. Artistically Extravagant Sneakers

Mr. Bailey's Outlandish Shoes are Inspired by Takashi Murakami

9. Immersive Outerwear Retail Concepts

'The Journey' by Canada Goose Simulates Snow and Ice

Featured Clusters

25 Artificial Intelligence Creations

From AI-Generated Whisky Spirits to AI-Made Mascaras

17 Sustainable Luxury Fashion Initiatives

From Vivid Eco Streetwear to Plant-Based Designer Hats

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15 3D Printing Advancements

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16 Examples of Climate-Conscious Marketing

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Pop Culture

32 Cult Sci-Fi Show-Inspired Products

From Sci-Fi Stadium Lenses to 80s Sci-Fi-Inspired Candies

14 Bold Marketing Brand Rivalries

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30 Sleep-Supporting Innovations

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12 Search Engine Features

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Art & Design

15 Playful Patio Accessories

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20 Selfie-Friendly Museum Experiences

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10 Effective E-Commerce Innovations

From Balance Transferring to In-Store Pick Up Options

10 Creative Trail Mix Snacks

From Popcorn-Packed Trail Mixes to Beefy Trail Mix Snacks


Luxury-Focused Pastel Clothing

Louis Vuitton Embarks on a Cheerful & Summery Vibe for SS 2020

Bold-Tonal Luxury Travel Goods

The RIMOWA Holiday 2019 Capsule Features Iridescent Accents


13 High-Tech Bracelets

From Dream-Hacking Wearables to Safe Sex-Supporting Wearables

10 Virtual Try-On Experiences

From Physics-Based Try-On Mirrors to AR Eyewear Try-Ons

Indigenous Transgender Woman Ambassadors

Curated Ethical Marketplaces

Philanthropically Inclined Accommodations

10 Lectures on Slavery

25 Revolutionary Methods of Education

10 Talks on the Internet of Things

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