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Today we have an exclusive end-of-year flash sale to help you and a colleague turn industry insights into action in 2019! With your purchase of any Future Festival ticket today or tomorrow, you'll get a free VIP ticket.

Our upcoming events will be in New York and Orlando, but if you can't make it to those we have 9 other cities that you have the choice of attending, including Atlanta, Berlin, and Los Angeles. Don't miss out on this two-for-one deal, as VIP tickets will get you a free custom report on the topic or industry of your choice. Act soon, this two-for-one sale is only available December 11-12th.

Looking forward to seeing you in the U.S., Canada, or Germany next year! Check out some other companies that will be in attendance below.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Virtual Influencer
Artificial digital influencers are on the rise and collaborating with brands Implications - Computer-generated social media influencers are on the rise, and so now are their collaborations with big brands due to their enormous popularity online. These virtual models are put... [More]
Influencer Generation
Brands accelerate the process of individuals becoming influencers Implications - Understanding the power of influencers in the social media age, brands are accelerating the process of individuals becoming influencers by offering a variety of services that help... [More]
Influencer Ubiquity
The influencer industry is no longer limited to marketing and artistic spaces Implications - From micro to pet influencers, the influencer industry is expanding to accommodate and transform a variety of spaces. With social media giving every individual the opportunity to make... [More]

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1. Function-Focused Dyed Apparel

Elhaus' Neo Indigo Collection Experiments with Fabrication and Dyes

2. Bathtub-Accessible Secret Rooms

Gon Architects Boasts an Unconventional Secret Room Idea

3. High-Tech Climate-Adaptable Shoes

The OBVS ADPT Sneakerboots Adjust to Any Conditions

4. Modular Workplace Furniture Designs

The 'DITO' Modern Conference Table Aids Productivity

5. Revived 80s Smart Shoes

The Puma RS-Computer Shoe is Coming Back with Modern Features

6. 3D-Printed Cocktail Events

'The Bulleit 3D Printed Frontier' Has a Printed Bar, Cocktails & Bites

7. Comforting Cocoon Bedrooms

'The Zed Rooms' for Sleep Replicate the Safety of the Womb

8. Standardized Apartment Units

Skender Made an Apartment Assembly Line to Create Homes

9. Fin-Based Automatons

The Velox Robot Easily Handles Various Surfaces on Land and at Sea

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