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Here are the most impressive innovations featured on the site:

Personal Care: The Gilette TREO is the first razor designed for caretakers who help others to shave.

Youth: Target's Cat & Jack clothing line is expanding to include adaptive pieces that are made specifically for toddlers and children with disabilities.

Retail: One of CVS's first 'trend zones' is a snack section called Snacks that Give Back where each product corresponds to a different charitable cause.

Marketing: To celebrate the launch of Fenty Beauty, Sephora hosted a Fenty Beauty's Playground event in Madrid where fans were invited to participate in the making of "the world's first live-created fan film."

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Consumer Insights
Cheesy Cashew
Cashew cheese is a realistic alternative to traditional dairy cheeses Implications - Cashew cheese is now becoming extremely popular as an alternative to cheeses made from dairy, featuring a tangy flavor and slightly gritty texture. More than catering to individuals... [More]
Frothed Rose
Specialty rose lattes become increasingly popular Implications - The use of rose as not only a prominent flavor in lattes, but also as inspiration for the way the beverages look, is becoming increasingly common. The rising popularity of this... [More]
Bio Accessory
Fashion accessories are made biodegradable to reduce their environmental impact Implications - Biodegradable accessories in the form of sunglasses, clothing, and more are increasingly common as brands seek to engage consumers seeking less harmful forms of consumption. This... [More]
Big Brand Sustainability
Big brands are making moves with large-scale sustainable initiatives Implications - Taking a bolder stance, big brands are rolling out mainstream initiatives that speak to growing environmental and sustainability concerns worldwide. From shifting packaging designs to... [More]
Protective Applicator
Sunscreen applicators prioritize function and even coverage Implications - Sunscreen brands are prioritizing the design of innovative applicators in order to improve the skincare coverage that such products are able to offer. The adoption of wand, spray or... [More]

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1. Lengthy Advertising Imagery

Versache Promotes Inclusive Fashion with the 'Longest-Ever' Ad Image

2. Multifunctional Eating Utensils

The 'StikChops' Work with a Multitude of Different Foods

3. High-End Tiny House Boats

The Le Koroc Boat is a Luxurious Home Away from Home on the Water

4. Day-Relevant Advertising Campaigns

Mcdonald's Graphic Print Ads Celebrate Moving Day in Qu├ębec

5. Sci-Fi Show-Inspired Shorts

The Nancy Shorts are Inspired by the Upside-Down in Stranger Things

6. Artistically Contemporary Home Furniture

Gus* Modern's Living Room Furniture Line is Chic & Luxe

7. Skateboarding Game Apps

Skate Icon Nyjah Huston Launched His First Skateboarding Video Game

8. Theft-Preventing Charging Devices

The 'Piranha Plug' Secures Charging Equipment to the Outlet

9. Futuristically Advanced Cars

The ELLADA Cyberdrive Concept Vehicle Imagines Transportation in 2030

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