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Here are the most impressive innovations featured on the site:

Personal Care: The Gilette TREO is the first razor designed for caretakers who help others to shave.

Youth: Target's Cat & Jack clothing line is expanding to include adaptive pieces that are made specifically for toddlers and children with disabilities.

Retail: One of CVS's first 'trend zones' is a snack section called Snacks that Give Back where each product corresponds to a different charitable cause.

Marketing: To celebrate the launch of Fenty Beauty, Sephora hosted a Fenty Beauty's Playground event in Madrid where fans were invited to participate in the making of "the world's first live-created fan film."

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Consumer Insights
Repurposed Booze
Booze brands are using waste food materials to create their products Implications - Innovations in the alcohol industry are leading to products that are made using repurposed scrap foods, with everything from beer and wine to hard liquors adopting these sustainable... [More]
Mindfulness Merchandise
As mindfulness becomes a priority, meditation-specific products take off Implications - Nutrition and fitness have arguably been the leading pieces of the wellness movement over the last few years, but as mindfulness and mental health begin to become more of a priority,... [More]
Wellness Wandering
Wellness-focused travel experiences are rebranded to reach a new generation Implications - Millennials today are known for their preference to spend on experiences rather than products, and this has impacted and contributed to the popularity of travel among this generation.... [More]
Aspirational Supplement
Vitamins and supplements are rebranded as upscale lifestyle products Implications - Making a shift from a mostly functional product into something much more aspirational, supplements and vitamins are undergoing a change in terms of how they’re marketed, branded... [More]
Branded Cafe
Brands expand their physical presence by creating branded cafe locations Implications - As the fight against e-commerce continues to be a focus for brands, the pressure to create a worthwhile in-person experience increases. Supporting this focus on giving consumers a... [More]

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1. Portable Smart Speaker Bases

The Ninety7 JOT Turns the Google Home Mini into a Portable Solution

2. Exclusive Auto Brand Lounges

The BMW Luxury Lounge Offers a Premium Lifestyle Experience

3. Levitating Lunar Lamps

The 'Levimoon' by Coocepts Brings the Moon into Any Room

4. Smart Connection Kits

'Smartians' Turn Mechanical Devices into Smart Home Gadgets

5. Foldable Compact Hoverboards

The Urmo Hoverboard Folds Easily to Be Stored in Small Spaces

6. Folding Productivity Tablet Smartphones

The Microsoft Project Andromeda Device is Futuristic

7. Minimalist DIY Home Designs

Reset Architecture Provides the Design for a Minimal Cube-Shaped House

8. Cozy Woolen Collaboration Sneakers

The Nike x Pendleton Shoes are Covered in Iconic Fabric

9. 21st Century Shoe Designs

The OB/VS ADPT is Designed for Any and All Seasons

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