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Greetings !

Here are the most impressive innovations featured on the site:

Personal Care: The Gilette TREO is the first razor designed for caretakers who help others to shave.

Youth: Target's Cat & Jack clothing line is expanding to include adaptive pieces that are made specifically for toddlers and children with disabilities.

Retail: One of CVS's first 'trend zones' is a snack section called Snacks that Give Back where each product corresponds to a different charitable cause.

Marketing: To celebrate the launch of Fenty Beauty, Sephora hosted a Fenty Beauty's Playground event in Madrid where fans were invited to participate in the making of "the world's first live-created fan film."

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Consumer Insights
Seeded Butter
Butters based in various seeds become increasingly popular Implications – With alternative nut butters now being the norm, brands are infusing various seeds into butters, or are creating butters based in seeds. With sunflower, chia, and watermelon seeds... [More]
Portable Self-Care
Upscale beauty brands create attractive, portable iterations of their offerings Implications - Consumers today are putting greater emphasis on taking care of themselves, leading to a boom in the cosmetics and skincare industry. A concurrent shift, however, is that consumers are... [More]
Plant Jerky
Jerky offerings expand to include varying plant-based options Implications - Plant-based jerky is giving vegan, vegetarian, and health-conscious consumers the option to consume meat-like products, without the effort that was once involved in such restricted... [More]
Pastel Persuasion
Pastel-colored clothing and accessories dominate the fashion industry Implications - The use of pastel colors in clothing and accessories is growing, particularly among brands that specialize in sportswear. More than simply being a seasonal aesthetic shift, the... [More]
Aesthetic Exhibition
Galleries and museums adopt Instagram-worthy exhibits for mass appeal Implications - As the experience economy continues to grow, typically traditional businesses and destinations are adapting as a means to gain exposure and engagement. Museums, galleries and exhibits... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Modern Authentic Holiday Homes

The Restio River House by SAOTA Sits on the Banks of Buffels River

2. Modular Ocean View Homes

The Ocean Eye House by Studio Saxe Blends Into the Costa Rican Landscape

3. High-End Minimalist Furniture

Magniberg Brand Offers Modern Furniture and Classic Linens

4. Arty Dual-Material Tables

Belgian Designer Ben Storms Makes Metal and Marble Tables

5. Adaptable Bicycle Designs

Canyon's New Grail Bicycle Adapts to Ride Well On and Off-Road

6. Modular Pop-Up Tents

The Cinch Hub Connects Several Tents Together for Communal Living

7. Ultra-Rugged Coffee Makers

The Makita CM501DZ is Designed for Construction Sites

8. Flexible Snapping Door Stoppers

The '2oor Stopper' Automatically Clicks into Place When Required

9. Crystal Ball Sleep Aids

The 'SleepBliss' Offers a Non-Invasive Way to Get Better Sleep

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