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Hey there!

In our era of AI, rapid change, disruption and possibility, there are so many great ideas within our grasp. However, smart, successful people consistently miss out because of seven psychological traps.

I'm excited to reveal my new double-book, Create the Future: Tactics for Disruptive Thinking + The Innovation Handbook, which will help you combat these traps. Featuring a foreword by Malcolm Gladwell, Create the Future unveils proven strategies for creating innovation and change. The second book, The Innovation Handbook, is a revised 10th anniversary edition of my award-winning book Exploiting Chaos, reimagined for today's innovator.

The set will be released on March 10th, 2020, but you can pre-order your copy on Amazon today to ensure you're among the first to get it. You'll also have the opportunity to attend the official launch at a special Future Festival event this spring, so stay tuned!


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Nov 13Los Angeles
Nov 19Huntington Beach
Nov 20Naples
Nov 22Las Vegas
Nov 25Toronto
Dec 03Chicago
Dec 05New York City
Dec 09Cleveland
Jan 12 '20Cancun
Jan 16 '20Atlanta
Jan 24 '20Aventura
Feb 03 '20Seattle
Feb 05 '20Minneapolis
Feb 07 '20Orlando
Feb 21 '20Phoenix
Mar 04 '20Las Vegas
Mar 07 '20Honolulu
Mar 09 '20Las Vegas
Mar 12 '20New York
Mar 16 '20Las Vegas
Mar 17 '20Los Angeles
Mar 19 '20Maui
Mar 23 '20Boston
Mar 25 '20Cincinnati
Mar 27 '20Atlanta
Apr 29 '20Las Vegas
May 13 '20Nashville
Jul 15 '20Arkansas

Consumer Insights
Gen Z Tourism
Tourism brands target Gen Z consumers with social media platforms Trend - Tourism brands and initiatives are targeting younger generations by collaborating with social media platforms that are popular among Gen Z. TikTok–an app that’s used to create and... [More]
Chemical-Free Textile
Chemical-free textiles offer consumers peace of mind Trend - Textiles that are made with chemical-free production processes and then turned into items like bedding, clothing and cleaning cloths are on the rise as more consumers seek out “natural&#... [More]
Appified Challenge
Brands post challenges through Gen Z-dominant platforms as a form of marketing Trend - Social media platforms like TikTok—which allows users to post short-form video content, are beginning to be popular among marketers who strive to merge their strategies with... [More]
Cruelty-Free Holiday
Food brands make a statement with exclusively cruelty-free holiday foods Trend - Beyond simply offering appealing cruelty-free options to their consumer base, food brands are launching campaigns and product lines for the holidays that feature exclusively vegan and... [More]
Unlikely Wasabi
Wasabi is incorporated into unlikely foods and cosmetics Trend - The adaptation of the spicy condiment wasabi in unlikely items can be observed in both cosmetic and food industries–with everything from topical shampoos to edible caviar-like pearls... [More]

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1. Cheeky Marketing Strategies

The McDonald's Paper Bag is Eerily Similar to Alexander Wang's Design

2. Living Wall-Clad Buildings

London's Citicape House is Set to Become Europe's Largest Living Wall

3. Countertop Algae-Growing Devices

Spira Uses Light to Grow Algae at Home

4. Power Enhanced Car Lines

Toyota Revealed Five New Supras Which Feature Power Enhancements and More

5. Ballet Brand-Launched Activewear

ZISE by BLOCH is Chic, Dance-inspired and Highly Comfortable

6. Daylight-Mimicking Alarm Clocks

The 'RISEME' Alarm Clock Offers Urbanites a Touch of the Sun

7. Omni-Compatible Smart Pens

The Conceptual 'Note by Montblanc' Allows for Quick Notes and More

8. Triple-Head Toothbrushes

The 'BruBruBrush' Cleans Teeth in Less Than a Minute

9. Unique Candle Scent Samplers

Otherland Offers a Collection of Five Coasters That are Scented

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