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Today we’re witnessing incredible evolutions in tech. But which ones matter, which ones will last, and how can your business leverage the best of new tech to get ahead?

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Tuesday, October 27th, 1 PM EST

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In this highly anticipated webinar host Mary Van Puymbroeck, Senior Research Advisor at Trend Hunter takes us through today’s most relevant tech trends.

Google Interview
Don’t miss Trend Hunter’s Taryn Boyd, Senior Manager of Operations & Client Strategy interview Elena Lyrintzis, Voice of Consumer Lead for Google. Elena shares her industry expert perspective on the future of tech, plus insight into how to leverage trends to stay ahead of the curve.

In 1 hour we’ll uncover patterns in today’s emerging tech trends. Offer learnings you can apply to your ideas today. And share expert perspectives to help plan for a successful 2021.

Because tech is in every industry, this webinar is a must for everyone.
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Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Alt Waste
Diaper waste is being dealt with in more sanitary and eco-friendly ways Trend - Brands are giving consumers new options when it comes to making getting rid of diapers more convenient, sanitary and eco-friendly. These include everything from compostable diaper programs... [More]
Gamer Wearables
Wearables allow for more efficient gaming experiences Trend - Wearables that track and enhance the gaming experience for avid gamers are on the rise. Products in this space include everything from data-tracking watches to discreet microphones for high... [More]
Storytelling Toy
Children's toy brands offer interactive, creative forms of storytelling Trend - Storytelling for children is becoming more interactive, with toys that offer creative forms of expression and methods of telling children stories. These items include everything from mixing... [More]
Latte Collagen
Collagen-infused lattes and mixers help boost daily rituals Trend - Brands in the health space are aiming to enhance the benefits consumers receive from their daily rituals by offering collagen-boosted latte mixers and creamers. These items enhance users&#... [More]
Upcycled Root
Brands are tapping the potential of cannabis or hemp root in skincare products Trend - Brands interested in entering and advancing in the cannabis market are looking for untapped ingredient potential. Cannabis root and hemp root, which have been used in Traditional Chinese... [More]

Hot Ideas

1. All-in-One Portable Workspaces

The 'Worky' Portable Personal Workstation is Organized

2. Shapeshifting Cork Furniture

The 'Tumble' Furniture Piece Changes into an Array of Solutions

3. Worn-Out Aesthetic Sneakers

Golden Goose's Luxurious Dad-Star Sneakers Look Old and Worn In

4. Reinvented Salad Bars

Chowbotics Relies on Robotics to Deliver Fresh, Custom Meals to Consumers

5. Millennial-Friendly Holiday Wine Kits

Celebrate the Holidays with BABE Wine’s Gift Bundles

6. Squeezable Dumbbells

The 'Flex Weight' Dumbbells Engage More Muscles for Better Results

7. Transforming Multi-Position Office Chairs

The 'BeYou' Chair Offers 10 Ways to Sit

8. Sparkling Influencer Apparel

PrettyLittleThing Joined with Jordyn Woods for a New Collection

9. E-Commerce AR Packages

Amazon Created AR Delivery Boxes with Interactive Halloween Content

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From Guava-Infused Canned Margaritas to On-the-Go Limoncello Drinks

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15 Soda Packaging Innovations

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10 Sustainable Restaurant Innovations

From Imperfect Produce Meals to Plastic-Free Ice Cream Shops

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Stealth Carbon Composite Yachts

The Mazu 82 Yacht Offers Multifunctional Deck Spaces and More

Luxe Graphic T-Shirt Collections

COMME des GARÇONS Joins Cactus Plant Flea Market on a New Capsule


10 Cannabis-Enhanced Personal Care Products

From CBD-Rich Face Oils to All-Natural Hemp Skincare

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Roommate Chore Sharing Apps

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