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Greetings !

We are happy to announce that this year we are offering our 2018 Trend Report as a FREE gift to you! With a value of $1,500, our 2018 Trend Report serves as an exclusive guide to next year's trends and highlights our upcoming Future Festival events in 15 cities. Just click HERE to download your free copy of the 2018 Trend Report and then come experience it live at Future Festival!

And now, here are this week's must-see innovations featured on the site:

Apps: The dating app Bumble has expanded its platform to include a new professional networking feature called Bumble Bizz.

Travel: Caspter is teaming up with American Airlines to provide passengers with a new line of in-flight sleeping products.

Marketing: In an effort to promote its new Galaxy 8 smartphone, Samsung Ireland transformed the Samuel Beckett Bridge into a playable harp.

Tech: TELUS Drive+ has teamed up with the connected car platform Mojio to turn cars built after 1996 into connected cars.

Beauty: Walgreens worked with its customers to create the new YourGoodSkin skincare line.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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1. Ethical Investment Platforms

Wahed Invest is a Digital Halal-Focused Ethical Investing Platform

2. Rugged Off-Road Camping Vehicles

The Predator 6.6 Off-Road RV Repurposes Old Military Vehicles

3. Ultra-Modern Beach Houses

Dune Road House Offers High-End Finishes as Well as Views of the Ocean

4. Streetwear Brand School Supplies

Nigo's Human Created a Line of School Accessories for Kids

5. Tactile Protection Smartphone Cases

The Kwik Charger Cloth Texture iPhone Case is Drop-Proof

6. Practical Folding Urbanite Bikes

The Kruschhausen Cycles 'Fiiz' Collapses in Just 20 Seconds

7. Customizable Clear Labels

Sticker Mule's Clear Roll Labels Give Small Businesses a Clean Look

8. High-Speed Electric Bikes

The Ethec Electric Motorcycle is a Sophisticated Travel Option

9. Expandable Weekend Retreat Campers

The Beauer 3XC Camper Expands for Comfortable Camping

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