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Hi there!

To celebrate the recent launch of our 2020 Trend Report, Trend Hunter's Chief Insights Officer, Armida Ascano, sat down with Global News to share her thoughts on next year's biggest trends. If you're interested in exploring Deepfake Technology, Genderless K-Pop and more, be sure to check out the interview. And if you haven't read the full report yet, download your copy here!

On another note, I wanted to thank everyone who joined us at Future Festival World Summit last week! It was truly an unforgettable event, and we couldn't have asked for a better group of attendees and partners. For those who weren't able to join us in Toronto, stay tuned for the release of our full 2020 event lineup!


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Oct 10New Jersey
Oct 17Toronto
Oct 18Toronto
Oct 22Abu Dhabi
Oct 24Hunt Valley Maryland
Oct 28Banff
Oct 31Lisbon
Nov 13Los Angeles
Nov 19Huntington Beach
Nov 20Naples
Nov 22Las Vegas
Nov 25Toronto
Dec 03Chicago
Dec 05New York City
Dec 09Cleveland
Jan 14 '20Cancun
Jan 16 '20Atlanta
Jan 24 '20Aventura
Mar 07 '20Honolulu
Mar 09 '20Las Vegas
Mar 12 '20New York
Mar 16 '20Las Vegas
Mar 19 '20Maui
Apr 29 '20Las Vegas
May 13 '20Nashville

Consumer Insights
Drinkable Metabolism
CPG and QSR brands are offering metabolism-boosting beverages Trend–Brands in the beverage space are offering metabolism-boosting benefits for everyday use, rather than for physical activity-specific purposes alone. These products prioritize both flavor and... [More]
Anti-Age Snacking
Snackable products boast anti-aging ingredients Trend—The food industry continues to take cues from the skincare space by adapting snack items with known anti-aging ingredients. These snackable foods give consumers the option to approach their... [More]
Socialized Dating
Dating apps integrate friend-based features to boost matches Trend—Brands in the business of creating dating apps are aiming to establish trustworthy connections by using friendship as a basis for matchmaking. Whether facilitating friendships first between... [More]
Podcast Co-Branding
The popularity of several podcasts expands into branded products & platforms Implications - As the popularity and engagement around podcast platforms grows, brands are starting to get involved through unique product and service partnerships. Seeking to connect with consumers... [More]
Nutritious Donut
Donuts become the vessel for serving healthier versions of indulgent food Trend–Donuts, or donut-flavored snacks, are being offered in healthier forms to cater to consumers looking to indulge without impacting their general health. Offered in everything from donut-... [More]

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1. Futuristic Eco Urban Bikes

The Brekr Model B Electric Bike Has a Top Speed of 45km/h

2. Contemporary Plant-Filled Homes

JG Architecture Fuses Cultural Histories with Modern Lifestyles

3. Remote Upscale Cabin Designs

Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Design "Quietly Assertive" Homes

4. Subtle Hidden Smart Locks

The Level Lock Can be Discreetly Added into a Door

5. Sustainable High-End Outerwear

The Moncler Grenoble Range is Going to Be Available on Highsnobiety

6. Programmable Blackout Curtains

SwitchBot Curtains Will Can Be Programmed to Open or Close

7. Weather-Themed Apparel Pop-Ups

The Arrival's Temporary NYC Shop Reflects Three Microclimates

8. Empowering Phone Cases

These Make My Case Competition Winners Inspire Girls to Rise

9. 90s Rebellious Platform Boots

Dr. Martens Drops a Dolls Kill Collaboration Full of Rugged Designs

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High-End Fantasy Menswear

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Gucci Partners with Comme Des Garçons to Launch a Limited-Edition Tote


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