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Greetings !

Last week, we hosted more than 800 of the world's top innovators here in Toronto for 3 days of trends, insights, and innovation. A big thank you to all those who made it to the event and helped to make it a great success! If you weren't able to make it to Toronto, you can still catch Future Festival in 2018 in a city near you. Stay tuned for dates in: San Francisco, LA, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and London, England.

We're also happy to announce that we have officially released our 2018 Trend Report! Just click here to download your FREE copy and find out what trends and insights are shaping the year ahead.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Unlikely Pod
Pods that are normally limited to coffee and tea options expand to other beverages Implications - Brands are creating juice and flavored water pods activated by machines, much like the coffee and tea pods that have become so popular in North America. More than simply being... [More]
IRL Online Dating
Brands merge online and in-person dating to create unique experiences Implications - Brands that facilitate online gamified communication in various forms, particularly those that specialize in dating, are creating branded in-person events that blur the lines between... [More]
Miso Confection
Miso infused in sweet desserts becomes more common in North America Implications - Though North American consumers are more aware of miso’s use in savory dishes, it has long been used as an addition to desserts in Japan – a fact which is slowly being... [More]
Vegan Pairing
The alcohol industry better accommodates those who subscribe to veganism Implications - Alcohol brands, particularly those that serve wine, are adopting veganism – either by serving vegan wines or pairing their wines with vegan foods. These new products and services... [More]
Floret Skincare
Broccoli is being positioned as the newest superfood in skincare Implications - Broccoli is now more commonly being infused into skincare products as a way to enhance their health-related benefits, or their appearance of such. With most consumers being raised... [More]

Hot This Week

1. All-Chocolate Pizzeria Pop-Ups

Cioccolato's Serves Chocolate Pizza in a Restaurant Made Out of It

2. Portable Handmade Technology Desks

The 'Tablio Flip' Securely Holds Laptops and More

3. Low-Waste Prefab Flatpack Cabins

The 'Plus Hus' Offers All the Amenities Needed for Modern Living

4. Apocalypse-Inspired Motorcycles

The Droog Moto 3 is a Stunning Motorcycle with a Rugged Design

5. Pimple-Simulating Toys

The 'Pop It Pal' Lets You Squeeze Artificial Blemishes

6. Sustainable Ring-Shaped Arctic Hotels

The Svart Hotel in Norway is Designed to Be Energy-Positive

7. Everyday Minimalist Wallets

The 'FOCX' Smart Wallet Does Away with Unnecessary Materials

8. Cozy Modern Family Residences

In Situ Studio Built a Black Stairwell for This Residential House

9. Trans-Supportive Fashion Runways

Gypsy Sport's Fall 2018 Highlights Transgender Models

Featured Clusters

55 Innovative Gin Experiences

From Citrusy Gin Yogurts to Sushi-Themed Gin Tastings

16 Smart Small Appliances

From Dual-Functioning Kitchen Tools to On-Demand Yogurt Makers

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From Modernizing Satellite Imaging to the Strength of Clear Vision

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These Presentations on Logic in Business Discuss Important Benefits


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From Customizable Makeup Cases to Package-Free Soaps

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From Branded Easter Hunts to Familial Beer Campaigns

Pop Culture

28 Iconic Sneakers Revivals

From Vividly Reimagined Retro Sneakers to Museum-Backed Shoe Designs

85 Female-Empowering Products

From Female Warrior-Inspired Jewelry to Empowering Astronaut Dolls


17 Delivery Car Concepts

These Ideas Explore Delivery of the Future in 3D Printing and Autonomy

17 Advanced Wearable Technologies

From Minimal Hybrid Watches to Wearable Necklace Speakers

Art & Design

25 Examples of Eco Dorm Decor

From Miniature Indoor Gardens to Scrap Plastic Furniture Pieces

50 Examples of Optical Illusion Decor

From Floating Cloud Lamps to Mirrored Library Tunnels


40 Upcycled Fashion Innovations

From Recycled Plastic Leggings to Repurposed Metal Rings

35 Sustainable Produce Innovations

From Low Cost Boutique Grocers to Food-Preserving Smart Stamps


Miniature Vintage Car Replicas

This Handcrafted Bentley Replica Looks Exactly Like the Original

66 Ethical Fashion Brands

From Vegan Silk Dresses to Charity Supporting Ankle Boots


67 Hydration-Focused Innovations

From Fashionable Water Carriers to Hydration-Tracking Wearables

42 Practical Commuter Backpacks

From Sleek Multi-Functional Backpacks to Anti-Theft Everyday Bags

31 Book-Related Social Innovations

Human Rights Hand Creams

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10 Keynotes on Urban Development

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15 Types of Innovation

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