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This week, you can get free tickets and a 5-for-1 on PRO/VIP tickets for Future Festival World Summit (which gets you workshops, learning groups, and reports) HERE.

This year is an unprecedentedly important year for you to attend. We'll use my CHAOS frameworks from my new book, Create The Future, to break down the difference between Crisis (now) and Chaos (2021) when you think about the future of: retail / life / work / marketing / play / generations / tech.

During COVID, our team has conducted more than 1,000 custom trend report projects for brands that are pushing hard to reinvent. We've been tracking and learning about how consumer needs are currently evolving BY THE MINUTE. You can't afford to miss this event, and Day 1 is totally free, while ticket supplies last.

For clients and VIP tickets, I will host a scenario planning masterclass to get you to 2-3 likely scenarios for your brand and how you would go about thriving.

In short, CHAOS reshuffles the deck, changes who is in the lead, and recharts the path you are on. You either put in the work to get yourself to a better path, or one will be picked for you. Now is the time to take control, learn new chaos tactics, and set yourself up to win once we get out of this period.

Be sure to secure your spot HERE.

P.S. I also shot a video that includes my COVID puppy, chaos-induced recharting, some economic stats, and why those imply that you must attend. You can watch the full video HERE.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumers are recognizing shelf-stable milk products for their convenience Trend - Brands are debuting various shelf-stable milk products—from traditional milk to chocolate milk and coffee-infused milk. The beverages stand out with their nutritional information,... [More]
Garden Luxe
Gardening tools and accessories are elevated through fashion and style Trend - Brands—including haute couture fashion labels—are catering to the style-minded consumer with elevated outdoor gardening essentials. These offerings offer both functionality and an... [More]
Microplastic Collection
Brands are introducing special add-ons devices to capture microplastics Trend - Brands and designers are coming up with solutions that seek to curb the emissions of microplastics, as well as their possible consumption. These devices are beginning to be implemented... [More]
Runway Spectacle
Couture brands are experimenting with performance and film art Trend - Since the physical events for most fashion weeks are cancelled for 2020 due to the government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions, haute couture brands are looking to the arts as a way to make the... [More]

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