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Greetings !

Right now the team is busy putting the finishing touches on our 2018 Trend Report and all of the free reports, content, and innovation frameworks that we'll be giving away at this year's Future Festival. If you would like to figure out what great ideas are so close within your grasp, come to Future Festival and use the time to step back from your role and think about all of the opportunities that you are close to.

With content from the world's #1 trend spotting platform and 750 of the world's top innovators, it's going to be an unforgettable experience! Best of all, Future Festival is the largest gathering of brands in a vendor-free environment, meaning that there will be tons of conversations to be had with the brightest minds in insight and innovation.

Tickets can be purchased HERE. But don't wait too long, we're now 96% sold out!


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Inherent Impact
Packaged foods integrate social good by way of ingredients, not marketing Implications - Consumers in the modern age are acutely aware of their impact on the world. In their active search for better methods of consumption, most options highlight charitable branding as a... [More]
Ritual Replenishment
Retail channels that focus on strategic location satisfy OOH needs quickly Implications - With subscription services and IOT enabling for home delivery of all products, products typically consumed out of home must adapt. Retail spaces integrated into spots associated with... [More]
Menstrual Relief
Products that mitigate PMS symptoms are coming in new, unique forms Implications - The hormonal imbalances that menstruation causes trigger a variety of moderate to severe physical symptoms, with everything from acne and pain being amplified—and brands are... [More]
Hobby-Curated Consumption
Snacks and beverages integrate elements of adjacent hobbies Implications - Snacks and beverages designed and curated to appeal to consumers’ hobbies and psychographic preferences introduce a hyper-targeted approach to the industry. This satisfies the... [More]
Events and experiences in the real world mimic the tropes of social media Implications - For some time now, savvy social media users have been seeking out products and experiences that they expect to look good on social media. Entrepreneurs and brands have responded by... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Interplanetary Desktop Toys

The 'Gravity Museum' Toys Let You Compare Planet Size and Weight

2. High-Intensity Muscle Rollers

The HyperIce Vyper 2.0 Enhances Post-Workout Tension Relief

3. Luxury Millennial-Friendly Jewelry Shops

Aurate Jewelry Puts a Millennial Twist on Jewelry Buying

4. Nursing Clothing Collections

La Mere Clothing Makes Stylish, Functional Fashion for Breastfeeding

5. Electrified Shipping Trucks

The Tesla Semi Reduces Costs and Increases Safety

6. Touch Interface PC Units

The 'Taptop' Mini Desktop Computer Boasts a Touch Bar Design

7. Wireless Charger Power Banks

The 'NOCABLE' Portable Wireless Station Work with Qi-Enabled Devices

8. Honeycomb-Inspired Power Solutions

The 'Honey Strip' Enables Customized Access to Electricity

9. Model-Branded Swimsuit Lines

Emily Ratajkowski's 'Inamorata' Was Unveiled in a Sun-Filled Lookbook

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