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Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Jan 29 '19Phoenix
Feb 04 '19Orlando
Feb 05 '19Atlanta
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Feb 26 '19Florida
Mar 18 '19Cincinnati
Mar 19 '19Florida
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Apr 11 '19Dublin
May 01 '19Niagara
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Oct 01 '19Toronto
Consumer Insights
Digitized Plan
Large and small-scale event planning is made simpler through digital platforms Implications - Brands are offering virtual event planning platforms that allow for individuals and companies alike to simply access and organize the resources they require to plan events. Such... [More]
To-Go Avo
Avocados are reformatted into portable, to-go food items Implications - The nature of avocados is such that they’re not the ideal to-go food item, but food brands are aiming to change that fact by incorporating the ingredient into formats that are... [More]
Alternative Comfort
In-flight comfort is elevated for individuals in economy class Implications - Air travel companies are accommodating the needs of individuals in economy class by offering in-flight comfort that is low in cost for the companies, but that enhances the perceived... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Bathtub-Accessible Secret Rooms

Gon Architects Boasts an Unconventional Secret Room Idea

2. Modular Workplace Furniture Designs

The 'DITO' Modern Conference Table Aids Productivity

3. Function-Focused Dyed Apparel

Elhaus' Neo Indigo Collection Experiments with Fabrication and Dyes

4. Comforting Cocoon Bedrooms

'The Zed Rooms' for Sleep Replicate the Safety of the Womb

5. Revived 80s Smart Shoes

The Puma RS-Computer Shoe is Coming Back with Modern Features

6. Fin-Based Automatons

The Velox Robot Easily Handles Various Surfaces on Land and at Sea

7. Modernized Acoustic Guitars

The Infinitum Guitar Improves Sound Through Clever Design

8. Acoustically Powered Tattoo Removers

The Soliton Rapid Acoustic Pulse System Quickly Removes Ink

9. Seasonal Feline Furniture

These Holiday Cat Scratchers from Target are Festively Designed

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35 Unconventional Sun Care Products

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From Cookie-Stuffed Waffle Cones to Candy Bar-Infused QSR Pies

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From Cartoon-Celebrating Cookies to Vintage-Inspired Disney Sneakers

Pop Culture

40 Cartoon-Inspired Collections

From Celebratory Cartoon Apparel to Cult Anime Sneaker Collections

50 Social Media Engagement Campaigns

From Beer-Tweeting Soccer Campaigns to Branded Avatar Outfits


18 South America Traveling Enhancements

From Local Advice Travel Apps to Seven-Continent Cruises

98 Outdoor BBQ Products

From Smart Outdoor Lighting Systems to Thermal Salt Crystal Plates

Art & Design

25 Tie-Dye Fashion Examples

From Unique Tie-Dye Clothing Collections to Luxe Tie-Dye Backpacks

50 Off-Grid Cabin Designs

From Secluded Recreational Studios to Relaxing Glass Dome Retreats


25 Ocean Plastic Products

From Upcycled Marine Plastic Bottles to Eco-Friendly Knit Sneakers

70 Smart Storage Systems

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20 Customized Fragrance Concepts

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Resplendent Cigar Lighters

The S.T. Dupont Montgolfière Hot-Air Balloon Features Gorgeous Details


40 American Heritage Brand Initiatives

From Beer-Paired Pizza Deliveries to Patriotic Singer Merch

Top 40 Baby Trends for June

From Breast Milk Marketplaces to Minimalist Family Skincare

Multi-Purpose Social Cafes

Naomi Hirabayashi, Director of Marketing at Do Something (INTERVIEW)

Abuse-Free Indian Carpets

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10 Talks on Unemployment Issues

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