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Below you'll find this week's trend report, including the latest consumer insights published on the site. If you want to learn how to bring these trends to life, join us for Future Festival World Summit this September in Toronto! But you'll need to act soon -- 740 tickets have already been sold.

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Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Oct 17Scottsdale
Oct 23Calgary
Oct 30San Diego
Nov 05Scottsdale
Nov 07Monterrey
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Feb 25 '19Florida
Consumer Insights
Digitized Plan
Large and small-scale event planning is made simpler through digital platforms Implications - Brands are offering virtual event planning platforms that allow for individuals and companies alike to simply access and organize the resources they require to plan events. Such... [More]
To-Go Avo
Avocados are reformatted into portable, to-go food items Implications - The nature of avocados is such that they’re not the ideal to-go food item, but food brands are aiming to change that fact by incorporating the ingredient into formats that are... [More]
Alternative Comfort
In-flight comfort is elevated for individuals in economy class Implications - Air travel companies are accommodating the needs of individuals in economy class by offering in-flight comfort that is low in cost for the companies, but that enhances the perceived... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Exclusive Auto Brand Lounges

The BMW Luxury Lounge Offers a Premium Lifestyle Experience

2. Smart Connection Kits

'Smartians' Turn Mechanical Devices into Smart Home Gadgets

3. Foldable Compact Hoverboards

The Urmo Hoverboard Folds Easily to Be Stored in Small Spaces

4. Levitating Lunar Lamps

The 'Levimoon' by Coocepts Brings the Moon into Any Room

5. Minimalist DIY Home Designs

Reset Architecture Provides the Design for a Minimal Cube-Shaped House

6. 21st Century Shoe Designs

The OB/VS ADPT is Designed for Any and All Seasons

7. Modern Modular Sneaker Designs

The 'F1' Sneaker Lets Wearers Pick and Choose Design Elements

8. Folding Productivity Tablet Smartphones

The Microsoft Project Andromeda Device is Futuristic

9. Cozy Woolen Collaboration Sneakers

The Nike x Pendleton Shoes are Covered in Iconic Fabric

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95 Food Hybrid Creations

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23 Co-Branded Anime Products

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100 Sustainable 3D-Printing Techniques

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98 Outdoor BBQ Products

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Art & Design

38 Inspiring LEGO Creations

From Cryptocurrency Code Art to Life-Size LEGO Trees

53 Coffee Brewing Accessories

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37 Architectural Shipping Container Uses

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19 Carnivore-Targeted Vegetarian Foods

These Plant-Based Products Emphasize Protein and Texture


Luxe Vintage Chunky Sneakers

Gucci's New Rhyton Sneakers Have the Brand's Bold Vintage Logo

Luxury Ultra-Limited Sports Cars

The Maserati Ghibli Ribelle Comes in Three Engine Models


57 Unconventionally Inspired Shoes

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