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Greetings !

This week's newsletter highlights the consumer insight Scented Marketing. Brands are exploring a myriad of frontiers to connect with and engage consumers. Scented Marketing shows how companies are delivering an immersive experience through scratch-and-sniff labeling, packaging and a variety of other products.

My favorite example is the scratch-and-sniff wine bottles from Cocomero.

If you missed my latest innovation keynote, you can watch it here. It's a quick 30-minute video where I discuss how to elicit change and find opportunity in a corporate culture. Learn how to better understand your organization and how you and your team can better adapt through tactical next steps.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Barley Bonanza
Barley is increasingly incorporated into non-alcoholic beverages Implications - The use of barley in bread and beer has now extended to non-alcoholic beverages, whether those are juices or imitation beers that cater to consumers who avoid alcohol. The use of this... [More]
Journeyed Stay
Hotel designs are inspired by whimsical journeys Implications - Hotel designs are being inspired by journeys that have been abundant in pop culture and literature for years, namely shipwrecks and space travel. These environments are multi-faceted... [More]
Secretive Formulation
"Secret recipes" are on the rise as a marketing tool Implications - Brands in the food and beverage industry are increasingly offering items deemed as having “secret recipes” that are hidden from consumers. The use of such secretive... [More]
Pop Art Revival
Pop art designs are being prioritized in the food and beverage industry Implications - Pop art is being reinstated as a playful addition to food packaging or restaurant designs in a way that’s intended to immediately capture consumers’ attention. More than... [More]
Online Protection
Brands create safe, anti-harassment online communities Implications - With online harassment in varying forms becoming increasingly common, brands are choosing to offer enhanced protections to individuals who use their online platforms. Whether through... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Unconventionally Designed Modern Cottages

Villa G Resembles a Scandinavian Cottage With a Twist

2. Funky Colorful Packaging Designs

Snask Creates a Modern Visual Identity for GET RAW

3. Compact 3D-Printed Jetpacks

The CUDA Jetpack Pushes Users Forward Underwater

4. Lifeproof Travel Duffles

The OtterBox Yampa Series Offers Multiple Waterproof Duffle Bags

5. Celebratory Italian Beachmobiles

Two New Fiat Spagginas Celebrate the Historic Fiat Jolly

6. Lifelike Fighter Sculptures

Edgar Askelovic Created a Conor McGregor Sculpture for His Birthday

7. Smart Speaker Battery Bases

Ninety7's SKY TOTE Makes the Amazon Echo 2 Portable

8. Aircraft Engine Motorcycles

The TMC Dumont Features a Literal Plane Engine and Hubless Wheels

9. Efficient Chain-Free Bikes

The CeramicSpeed 'Driven' Gear System Reduces Friction by 49%

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