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Greetings !

This week's newsletter highlights the consumer insight Scented Marketing. Brands are exploring a myriad of frontiers to connect with and engage consumers. Scented Marketing shows how companies are delivering an immersive experience through scratch-and-sniff labeling, packaging and a variety of other products.

My favorite example is the scratch-and-sniff wine bottles from Cocomero.

If you missed my latest innovation keynote, you can watch it here. It's a quick 30-minute video where I discuss how to elicit change and find opportunity in a corporate culture. Learn how to better understand your organization and how you and your team can better adapt through tactical next steps.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
At-Home Advancement
Consumers self-administer formerly spa-specific skincare treatments Implications - There’s been an uptick in products related to maker culture across industries. One particular industry that’s been impacted is skincare, as more and more consumers are... [More]
Shareworthy Wellness
Wellness products put a focus on aesthetics for social media impact Implications - Having become a key player in the luxury space, health and wellness as a category is undergoing a rapid transformation, much of which is related to the ways products and services in... [More]
Assisted Finance 2.0
Millennials turn to tracking apps to better keep tabs on their finances Implications - Tracking finances is no easy feat, and consumers are looking for more streamlined solutions to make banking and saving money more intuitive. Tapping platforms and services that... [More]
Automated Investment
Consumers tap services that allow them to automatically save funds Implications - Seeking to ease anxiety and stress that often accompanies financial saving, younger consumers, like Millennials, are tapping into automated alternatives to make the process more... [More]
Foodie Park
Amusement parks that feature cuisine-focused experiences highlight sophistication Implications - As Millennials become increasingly interested in travel, tastes shift away from the traditional amusement park in favor of more authentic, sophisticated destinations. Amusement parks... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Frozen Sweet Potato Slices

'Sweet PotatTOASTS' are Being Introduced as a Toast Alternative

2. Breathtaking Aerial Photographs

Alex Medina Takes Incredibly Satisfying Photographs of Burning Man

3. Vibrant Art Deco Bags

EDAS Focuses on Sustainability Through One-of-a-Kind Designs

4. Digital Memory Projection Systems

'Memorise' Prevents Memories from Being Digitally Misplaced

5. Lightweight Scooter Footwear

The Koowheel Hovershoes Reach Speeds of up to 12kmh

6. Compact Organizational Wallets

The SERIES 2 Zip Cardholder is Compact and Full of Compartments

7. Contemporary Slated Home Designs

Framestudio Creates the Opportunity for an At-Home Spa Day

8. Performance-Enhancing Massage Balls

The MyoStorm 'METEOR' Alleviates Pain and Aids with Recovery

9. Quiet Autonomous Transport Trucks

The Volvo Vera is Controlled and Monitored from the Cloud

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