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Hey there!

We're just one day away from my next free webinar, Adaptive Innovation! If you haven't registered yet, you can save yourself a spot HERE and join me live at 1 p.m. ET tomorrow, June 30th.

In this 1-hour session, I'll be showing you how to spark winning ideas by taking a scientific approach to innovation. I'll break down the innovation process into a series of 5 repeatable steps and share some of the best practices I've learned while running over 1000 workshops with everyone from Google to NASA. This will be more of a workshop-style webinar than the other sessions in my Innovating Through Chaos series, so you can expect to leave with even more actionable ideas.

All attendees will also receive our brand new COVID-19 Impact report, featuring both quantitative and qualitative insights from hundreds of innovators across a range of industries. Webinar attendees will get to read it before anyone else, so don't forget to register!

See you tomorrow!

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Symptom Detection
Tech brands are launching wearables that are capable of detecting COVID-19 Trend - Companies are trying to flatten the curve with smart technology by releasing wearable devices that can detect COVID-19 symptoms. Deployed as bandages or wearables, these gadgets serve to... [More]
No-Charge Wearable
Brands are launching health-focused wearables with self-charging capabilities Trend - Companies in the healthcare and fitness space are launching updated wearable technology that does not require charging. Powered by the surrounding environment or the user’s body, these... [More]
Alternative Fragrance
Fragrance packaging innovates past more classic designs or materials Trend - The fragrance industry is being increasingly innovative in the packaging it offers, using designs and materials that forgo tradition for products that are more functional, eco-friendly or... [More]
Co-ownership initiatives offer adapted forms of property and product ownership Trend - Co-ownership opportunities are on the rise and come in a variety of forms, including car-sharing neighborhoods, co-owned apartment complexes and ownership setup spaces—all allowing... [More]
Blockchain Transparency
Alcohol brands are introducing blockchain technology to packaging designs Trend - In a bid to verify the authenticity of a product, as well as to increase transparency between the brand and its consumers, alcohol companies are incorporating blockchain technology into the... [More]

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1. Military-Inspired Face Masks

The Stephen Kenn Single-Cord Face Mask is Handmade in Los Angeles

2. Adaptive Innovation Webinar

Master the Science of Innovation With Jeremy Gutsche on June 30th

3. Technology-Organizing Notebooks

The 'FLEX' Smart Organizer Keeps Daily Essentials on Hand

4. HEPA Filtration Face Masks

The 'RespoLab' Reusable Face Mask Has a Pleated H13 HEPA Filter

5. Prefab Wilderness Cabins

'The Mountain Refuge' Cabin Has a Cozy, Minimal Design

6. Handheld Wellness-Supporting Devices

The 'Melo' Breathing Device Guides Users Through Stress

7. Five-in-One Camper Tools

The Adventure Mate AM-V2 Works as an Axe, Saw, Shovel, Hammer and More

8. Sporty Face Mask Colorways

adidas Introduces Its Signature Blue Option of Its Face Mask

9. Tiny Mountainous Modular Cabin

Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi Debute a Small Modular Cabin

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