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Hey there!

If you haven't already, don't forget to register for my webinar on Ability to Change in Chaos tomorrow (May 19th) at 1 p.m. ET. This is the first webinar in my new 5-part series on Innovating Through Chaos, and if you attend all 5 sessions you'll receive a certificate of completion! The certificate will be a great way to showcase your dedication to thinking like a futurist even in times of rapid change and uncertainty.

Tomorrow's webinar will focus on the 7 Traps of Path Dependency—common psychological barriers that hold us back from breakthrough change. From the subtlety of opportunity to linear thinking, you'll learn to break free from these traps and unlock your full potential as an innovator. You can register for this session HERE, and browse the rest of the series HERE.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Branded Stability
Post pandemic, companies step in to help customers get back on their feet Trend - Times of crisis can take emotional, physical, mental and financial tolls on many. During these times of volatility, consumers will respond positively to brands that provide support. Once... [More]
Traveling Kit
Brands curate sanitary travel kits for traveling during the COVID-19 crisis Trend - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, brands are curating sanitary travel kits for people who are traveling by plane or car. These kits allow consumers to ensure their cleanliness and the... [More]
Supportive Menopause
Health brands prioritize emotional support for women experiencing menopause Trend - Health brands are honing in on an often under-served demographic by prioritizing the mental and emotional support of people who experience menopause. These platforms and services offer peer... [More]
COVID Planning
Urban planning initiatives accelerate or change course in light of COVID-19 Trend - With COVID-19 likely to be a global concern for the foreseeable future, and stricter physical distancing restrictions lifting around the world as governments try to get their economies back... [More]
CBD is increasingly incorporated into chewing gum formats Trend - As cannabis and its various properties are made mainstream across North America, brands in this space are now incorporating CBD into chewing gum formats for people to consume easily and on-... [More]

Hot Ideas

1. Sci-Fi-Inspired Face Shields

Plastique Fantastique Creates an Open-Source Retro Face Shield

2. One-Seat Restaurants

Bord för En Shares a Sit-Down Dinner for One in the Swedish Countryside

3. Storage-Enhanced Apartments

Adrià Escolano and David Steegmann Build a Stylish Storage Spaces

4. Wearable Sanitizer Sprayers

The 'PumPiX' Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Packs 100 Doses of Disinfectant

5. Powered Ear Canal Cleaners

The Conceptual 'Clean' Ear Cleaner Gently Clears Ear Canals

6. Social Distancing Picnic Blankets

Paul Cocksedge Creates a Blanket for Life After Lockdown

7. Post-Pandemic Hotel Concepts

The Manser Practice Envisions the Future of Hotel Operation

8. Food Waste-Recycling Workstations

The Conceptual 'Clock' Desk Has a Stylish, Eco Design

9. Compostable Sugarcane Packaging

Bscly Delivers Clothing in 100% Home Compostable Boxes

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From Microphone-Jamming Bracelets to Data Privacy Chat Apps

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