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Summer is just around the corner, and for many consumers that means it's time for a getaway. To help you get ahead of travel season this week, we've included a sample report on Hospitality trends below. From boutique hotels to camping trips and everything in between, we have you covered!

Like all our custom reports, this sample features insights, case studies and workshop questions to help spark new ideas. If there's another topic you're interested in, visit our website to learn more about our Advisory services.

Ready to check out the Hospitality Report? You can access it here.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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May 14Philadelphia
May 16Sydney
May 21New York
May 23Minneapolis
May 30Ecuador
Jun 27Berlin
Jul 14Las Vegas
Jul 15LA
Jul 17Philadelphia
Jul 18Chicago
Jul 24Miami
Jul 29Denver
Aug 01Bentonville
Aug 06South Africa
Sep 16Anaheim
Sep 18Charlotte
Oct 01Toronto
Oct 17Toronto
Oct 28Banff
Oct 31Lisbon
Nov 20Naples
Nov 22Las Vegas
Mar 16 '20Las Vegas
Consumer Insights
Collagen Menu
Restaurants and cafes highlight collagen in their menu items Implications - With collagen’s popularity in the CPG space, brands in the restaurant business are highlighting their collagen-heavy dishes. Though collagen is a common ingredient, the fact... [More]
Enhanced Record
Record players and vinyls are elevated for the contemporary consumer Implications - More than being enhanced with tech, record players and vinyl records are being designed in a way that prioritizes the habits and design preferences of contemporary consumers–with... [More]
Voiced Playtime
Toys integrate voice technology for interactive, educational entertainment Implications - With the rapid growth of voice technology being integrated into many aspects of consumers’ lives, voice-activated technology is now being introduced to children through toys. By... [More]
Interactive Cardboard
Brands leverage cardboard for the basis of eco-friendly playtime Implications - Cardboard toys and kits provide kids with craft-oriented playtime that is low-tech. Such products help to encourage children’s creativity while appealing to environmentally-... [More]
Street Restaurant
Restaurants are inspired by the cuisines and aesthetics of street food Implications - Brands in the restaurant space are taking cues from the continued popularity of street food around the world, and are creating establishments with menus and aesthetics that mimic... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Lightweight Road Trip Trailers

The Earth Traveler T250LX Teardrop Trailer Weighs Just 298 Pounds

2. Towel-Incorporating Bikinis

Aria Mcmanus' Towelkini is a Comfort-Inducing Beach Innovation

3. Replaceable Component Toothbrushes

The Conceptual '2°C' Toothbrush Reduces Plastic Waste by 87%

4. Off-Road Luxury Cars

Bengala Design Company Offers Custom Bentleys with Off-Road Capabilities

5. 3D-Printed Hypercars

Divergent's Blade Model is the First 3D-Printed Hypercar

6. Plant-Based Performance Shoes

VIVOBAREFOOT's Primus Lite II Bio is Made with Renewable Materials

7. Interlocking Bio-Brick Installations

The Mamou-Mani x COS Installation is Interdisciplinary

8. Shapeshifting Paramedic Stretchers

The 'Multi Scoop Pro' Goes from Flat to a Wheelchair in Seconds

9. Fast Food-Inspired Beehives

McDonald's Sweden Creates the World's Smallest McDonald's

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