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Jeremy Gutsche
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Consumer Insights
Flexible Teaching
Schooling children and teens becomes more flexible in various ways Implications - Though innovations in school systems around the world still tend to be slow to change, brands are aiming to accommodate the needs of students in ways that combine creativity and... [More]
Automated Brew
Tea consumption is streamlined through automated at-home machines Implications - Brands are offering automated tea-brewing devices that speed up the process of producing quality teas. Such items remove the ritualistic aspects of brewing and drinking tea, and cater... [More]
Reformatted Churro
The traditional churro is transformed into a variety of snackable formats Implications - The rising popularity of churros in North America has brought on the transformation of these traditional desserts into various snackable forms. Sometimes simply for the sake of... [More]
Cannabinoid Supplement
Supplements based in cannabis and its associated compounds boost health Implications - The cannabis industry is further establishing itself in the health and wellness space by offering cannabis products in supplement form. By marketing themselves as similar to the... [More]
Herbal Purpose
Brands that offer indoor planters enhance their purpose, and therefore value Implications - Indoor planters are being designed with alternative or added purposes that go beyond simply growing herbs. Whether specially curated cocktail herbs or designed to boost the mood of... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Empowering Lifestyle Entertainment Companies

Kin Delivers Content to Motivated Women

2. Touring Lagunitas Brewery

Lagunitas Makes Beer That Tells a Story

3. Sustainable Remote Living Cabins

Robin Falck's Nolla Cabin Uses Renewable Energy to Curb Emissions

4. Leaning Suspension Quad Bikes

The 900 GS AWD Hybrid Adventure Quad Bike Can Tackle Any Terrain

5. Minimalist Succulent-Supporting Desks

The 'G Table' Offers a Space to Keep Natural Greenery

6. Wireless Charging Smartwatches

Samsung's LTE Galaxy Watch Comes in Three Stunning Designs

7. Balanced Stability Boats

The G5Marine Stik Boats Keep You Secure When Sitting or Standing

8. Vaporwave Fitness Platforms

Our Body Electric Offers Live and On-Demand Fitness Classes Online

9. Artist-Inspired Casual Tees

Uniqlo Debuts Another Drop of Its Creativity-Forward SPRZN NY Project

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The 2018 Gucci Runway Featured Models Carrying Their Own Heads

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Versace's 2018 Designs are Endorsed and Worn by Jennifer Lopez


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Mark Hillen, Co-Author of Social Enterprise Unraveled (INTERVIEW)

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