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Consumer Insights
Confectionary Texture
Ice cream manufacturers enhance their focus on the texture of their products Implications - Though new flavors have always been a focus for ice cream brands, what’s becoming more prominent is such brands experimenting with texture in their products. This shift... [More]
Alternative Barrel-Aging
Barrel-aging is no longer exclusive to the alcohol industry Implications - The barrel-aging process is no longer exclusive to the alcohol industry, and is more often being incorporated into a variety of edible or non-alcohol drinkable items to enhance their... [More]
Liquid Protein
Protein is infused in water-based beverages for varying purposes Implications - Whether related to beauty or health, the incorporation of protein into water-based beverages is on the rise. Offering an alternative to the calorie-rich, denser liquid proteins that... [More]
Data-Fueled Pet
Data informs better and more consistent pet care Implications - The use of data in informing pet care enhances consumers’ ability to ensure their pets remain healthy and safe. Whether it’s data-fueled pet food or behavioural monitoring... [More]
Delivery Duo
Traditional pizza deliveries are transformed with unique collaborations Implications - The convenient yet mundane concept of pizza delivery is being elevated with collaborations that allow two parties to revamp the process of at-home deliveries, while simultaneously... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Eco-Friednly Wilderness Huts

J.R.'s Eco Hut Kimo Estate is an Off-Grid Travel Option in Australia

2. Modern Structural Trailers

The Land Ark RV is a Luxurious Travel Option to Tow Along On Any Trip

3. Bicycle-Mounted Barbecues

This Portable Grill Can Be Attached to Your Bicycle Handlebars

4. Revealing Lace-Up Jeans

This Product by Fashion Nova is Perfect for a Bodacious Figure

5. Automated Human Photography

Niko Photographisme Creates a Third Installment of Robotized Humans

6. Wine-Serving Lounge Chairs

The Michigan Wine Chair Pours Libations at the Pull of a Lever

7. Wallet Customization Services

The WoollyLab Half Wallet Can be Personalized to Your Liking

8. Modern A-Frame Cabins

The A45 House is a Masterfully Designed Home That is Only 180 Square Feet

9. Optical Illusion Coloring Books

The 'Molecularis' Coloring Flip Book Has Six Animated Sequences

Featured Clusters

Top 100 Home Innovations for February

From Modular Rug Collections to Connected Home Appliances

40 Voice Control-Utilizing Devices

From Voice Mobile Shopping to Voice-Enabled Projectors

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30 Connected Packaging Innovations

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Pop Culture

45 Film-Inspired Fashion Collections

From Fantasy Film Apparel to Cult Film-Inspired Lookbooks

40 Travel Innovations for March

From In-Flight Meditation to Pay-Per-Day Travel Insurance


25 Security Camera Innovations

From DIY Home Security Cameras to Weatherproof Wireless Cameras

68 Modern Musical Innovations

From Modular Music Stands to Musical Smart Rings

Art & Design

50 Restaurant Design Innovations

From Interactive Menu Boards to Multi-Sensory Restaurant Spaces

28 Millennial Furniture Pieces

These Pieces of Furniture for Millennials are Flexible & Save Space


42 Community-Enhancing Pavilion Designs

From Curvaceous Wooden Domes to Peaceful Pine Lookouts

25 Dental Care Innovations

From AR Dental Software to Assistive Oral Hygiene Devices


LED Toilet Seats

Alvarae Design Studio's Customized Toto Neorest Features Soft Lighting

High Fashion-Mimicking Bombers

Supreme's Faux Fur Streetwear Jacket is a Tribute to Fendi


25 Gesture-Controlled Gadgets

From Touch-Controlled Sinks to Enhanced Audio Smart Speakers

48 Customized Fashion Offerings

From Customized Dog Socks to Personalized Luxury Luggage

Colorful Cascading Jewelry

Chewy Superfood Candies

25 Fashion-Focused Social Entrepreneurs

18 Problem-Solving Strategies

15 Time Management Tips

35 Speeches by Iconic CEOs

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