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Consumer Insights
Edible Aloe
Brands harness the soothing properties of aloe in ingestible items Implications - Beverages and snacks in North America are increasingly incorporating aloe vera as a key ingredient, whether for its soothing properties or for the purpose of benefiting skin from the... [More]
Everyday Omission
Home tech focus on omitting steps from consumers' daily routines Implications - Home technology typically focuses on added benefits, such as connectivity to enhance the speed of the everyday routine, or AI to anticipate day-to-day needs ahead of time. A more... [More]
Printed Skin
Tech accelerates 3d-printed innovations in skincare Implications - The 3d-printing industry has entered the skincare space, with researchers and brands creating everything from 3d-printed skin to customized bandages. With personalization in the... [More]
Deviated Recruitment
Companies opt for unlikely recruitment techniques in the hiring process Implications - With job recruitment in North America being a relatively arduous process for both the employer and potential candidates, some companies are enhancing the process by creating or taking... [More]
Facilitated Mentorship
Brands facilitate the mentorship process between people and professionals Implications - The process of finding a mentor no longer involves as much networking as it did in years past, as brands are now offering consumers platforms through which they can develop... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Bizarre Autonomous Car Concepts

Mercedes-Benz Debuts Two Brand New Ideas at CES 2019 Las Vegas

2. Connected Kettlebells

JAXJOX Showcased Its Smart Kettlebell for High-Tech Workouts at CES 2019

3. Elegant Wireless Charger Trays

The Gaze Tray Organizes and Charges All Your Devices

4. Futuristic Air Taxi Concepts

The Bell Nexus Will Likely Revolutionize On-Demand Transportation

5. Contemporary Mexican Living Abodes

Di Frenna Arquitectos' Design Features Multiple Box Volumes

6. Fable-Inspired High Fashion Capsules

Gucci Releases a Celebratory Lunar New Year Collection

7. Emissions-Free Leisure Boats

This Eco-Friendly Vessel from Vik Boats Has a Silent Operation

8. Distinctive Co-Working Buildings

Fosbury & Sons Embraces the Aesthetic of the Modernist Office

9. Nordic Treetop Cabins

These Elegant Cabins Offer a Relaxing Getaway in the Norwegian Woods

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From Handmade Crystal Glass Straws to Edible Drinking Straws

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