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In addition to rounding up the top articles and insights on the site, this week's newsletter is spotlighting Browse Buying. While Millennials prefer to exploit the convenience, ease and speed of ecommerce, those belonging to Gen Z enjoy the physical retail experience. Here we're seeing new spaces emerging that cater to a browse-based mentality, where younger consumers can take their time in brick and mortar locations, finding the products that best suit them.

The new Kid Cavern department store set to open in Liverpool is a great example, boasting over 15,000 square feet for physical retail experiences.

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Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Nov 29Long Beach
Dec 02Cleveland
Jan 15 '19New York
Jan 17 '19Orlando
Jan 29 '19Phoenix
Feb 04 '19Orlando
Feb 05 '19Atlanta
Feb 13 '19Atlanta
Feb 26 '19Florida
Mar 18 '19Cincinnati
Mar 19 '19Florida
Mar 20 '19Atlanta
Apr 11 '19Dublin
May 01 '19Niagara
May 09 '19Kansas City
May 13 '19Seattle
May 16 '19Sydney
May 21 '19New York
May 23 '19Minneapolis
Jun 27 '19Berlin
Jul 15 '19LA
Jul 17 '19Philadelphia
Jul 18 '19Chicago
Oct 01 '19Toronto
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Virtual Comic
Comedians become content creators through virtual, online apps Implications - Swapping out live shows and in-person gigs for online alternatives, those in the entertainment industry are embracing streaming channels and VR technology to reach a wider audience.... [More]

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