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One of Trend Hunter's core values is to be an ally in innovation, and this value is more important to us than ever during this period of chaos and uncertainty. We know how hard it is to plan for the future when the world is changing so rapidly, so we're committed to helping you filter through the noise to identify what's relevant for you.

As a starting point, we've created a brand new report that overviews 15 trends that are emerging or being accelerated due to COVID-19. This report covers everything from personal safety products to at-home education tools for children, and you can download a free copy HERE.

We're continuing to explore more ways to support individuals and businesses as they adapt to our quickly evolving circumstances, so stay tuned for updates in the weeks to come. In the meantime, please take care of yourself and stay safe.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Alternative Meeting
Remote meeting platforms are adapted with unique capabilities and formats Trend -  Brands are offering virtual platforms for team meetings that turn the traditional (in-person or online) meeting on its head. Varying formats like ongoing conversational “meetings&#... [More]
Emergency Support
Brands offer financial support for those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak Trend - With the economic fallout that’s come from the COVID-19 outbreak, some brands are looking to financially support their employees, other businesses, or people affected in general. At a... [More]
Delivered Campaign
Brands use new or revamped delivery services for more effective campaigning Trend - Brand are using revamped delivery services in order to better engage with their customers. Whether collaborating with other companies or offering unique items along with deliveries—... [More]
Temporary Workspace
Brands are accommodating remote workers with functional & adaptable furniture Trend - Brands are offering service and product innovations that are temporary in nature to assist employees who are working from home. Whether it is cardboard-based furniture or a monthly... [More]
Accelerated Streaming
Brands that offer streamed content are expanding their offerings Trend - Streamed content has seen growth in recent days, with the COVID-19 outbreak forcing millions of people globally to practice social distancing by staying at home. Brands in this space are now... [More]

Hot Ideas

1. CO2-Made Hand Sanitizers

The Air Co. Hand Sanitizer is Being Made by the Vodka Brand

2. Heavily Minimalist Windowless Houses

Tomoaki Uno Architects Uses Cedar and Cypress for This Home

3. Adventurer Gear-Toting Motorcycles

The Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is Modified for Better Off-Road Use

4. Colourfully Sustainable Retail Stores

Ace & Tate Boasts a Plastic-Made Terrazzo Aesthetic

5. Efficient Single-Wing Airplanes

The Conceptual 'Flying-V' Aircraft Has an Expansive Cabin Design

6. Rugged Solar Generators

The 'SolarHornet' Portable Outdoor Power Supply Has a 1,200Wh Capacity

7. Fur-Capturing Pet Beds

The 'Zipup' Pet House Prevents Fur from Being Spread

8. Powered Purification Masks

The ETI Electric Respirator Mask for Adults is High-Efficiency

9. Family-Friendly Mobile Homes

The In Tenta 'Tenzo' Tiny House Accommodates a Family of Six

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Unity-Embracing Beaded Bracelets

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