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Greetings !

This month, the Trend Hunter team toured to sold-out Future Festival events in LA, NYC and Chicago. We had a blast meeting so many of you and were delighted that 88% have rated Future Festival the best 1-day event they've ever attended.

We also surprised the group with a couple guest speakers, including Francis Pierrel, CEO of Club Monaco and Tony Hunter, former CEO of Chicago Tribune. If you want to join us, London is already sold out, but we have a few tickets available to the Orlando Future Festival on April 6.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Cannabis Imitation
Cannabis culture takes a cue from the coffee and tea industry Implications - Following the models of larger industries that paved the way, the fast-emerging legal cannabis industry is transforming the product innovations that the tea and coffee industry has... [More]
Fee Free
Small financial institutions entice customers by removing fees Implications - Emerging banking institutions are playing off of consumers’ growing mistrust of large banks by getting rid of the dreaded fees associated with spending and transferring money.... [More]
Minimalist Grocer
Small grocery brands prioritize curated goods in minimalist displays Implications - Small grocers shift their approach to design by creating spaces that prioritize minimalism and quality, whereas the traditional approach to grocery design focuses on overstocking to... [More]
Streamlined Freelance
Businesses streamline freelancing opportunities and lifestyles Implications - Brands are now accommodating consumers who make their own work schedules, and are providing them with services that streamline and enhance the various processes they experience as... [More]
Renewed Pleather
Brands turn to fruit-based alternatives to form faux leather products Implications - Fruit-based alternatives to leather products, or the synthetic materials most often used to make faux leather, are quickly overtaking their less eco-friendly counterparts. Innovations... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Miniature Multi-Tools

The 'Puna' by 3Coil is a Masterfully Crafted Pocket-Friendly Toolkit

2. Norwegian Artist Hubs

This Northern Norway Work-Space is Built to Spark Artistic Work

3. Alternative Camping Cabins

The Small-Space 'Rolling Huts' are a Modern Camping Alternative

4. Angular Electric Sports Cars

The 'Lumen' Electric Supercar Offers 250 Miles of Range

5. Modern Holiday Houses

Herbert Hussmann Created Two Modern Vacation Homes Outside of Berlin

6. Viral Promotional Booths

Netflix Appeared at CES to Market Its New Series Altered Carbon

7. LEGO-Built Bars

Pop-Up LEGO-Constructed Bars are Launching Around the World

8. Architect-Designed Car Showrooms

The 'Genesis Gangnam' Was Designed by Prada's Store Architects

9. Unorthodox Compartmentalized PC Cases

The DeepCool 'Quadstellar' was Shown Off at CES 2018

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