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Every year on March 8th, International Women's Day is celebrated by millions of people worldwide. Many brands mark the occasion with special initiatives aimed to honor and empower the women in their organizations or the world at large, and this year was no exception. From limited edition products to charitable initiatives and more, here are our 5 favorite branded initiatives for IWD 2019.

1. K-Swiss & Amber Vittoria's "This Space is For You" Sneakers
2. Stacy's & Women United's Rise Project Snack Packaging
3. Camden Town Brewery's Hand-Painted Football Jerseys
4. Emirates' Celebration of Female Employees
5. eBay's Superheroine HQ Shop

Read on for more top trends and insights of the week!


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Topical or wearable items aim to boost users' energy Implications - No longer confined to items one would ingest, energy boosting products offered by brands are coming in the form of items like shoes and perfume. This shift comes as consumers seek out... [More]
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1. Rurally Inspired Streetwear Fashion

The Spring 2019 Our Legacy Collection Takes Cues from Farming

2. Stylish Low-Cost Pet Products

The Aldi UK Pet Product Collection is Value-Focused

3. Denim Customization Pop-Ups

'Zara Edited' Lets Customers Embroider Their Name on Denim Clothing

4. Wedding-Ready Extravagant Evening Dresses

Tonena's Dress for Mother of the Bride Went Viral

5. Trash-Collecting Viral Eco Initiatives

The #Trashtag Has Seen a Surge in Popularity of Recent

6. Chic Japanese Fashion Photography

Ekaterina Belinskaya Captures an Elegant Essence in Japan

7. Reimagined Versatility Camping Trailers

The SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer is Well-Appointed

8. Contemporary Three-Step Houses

This Residence by CHA:COL is Located on a Steep Plot in Los Angeles

9. Multifunctional Urban Cargo Bikes

The Muli Cargo eBike Easily Hauls Gear, Groceries or Even Kids

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