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Greetings !

Below is your weekly Trend Report. While you're thinking of trends, note:

Today is the LAST DAY of our biggest Future Festival sale. Most clients lock in their tickets on this day, so if you want to come to any of our 15 Future Festivals, please check the link below:

The extra savings can also be a great way to bring a friend or upgrade to a VIP ticket, which includes a free CUSTOM trend report, and in Toronto, lunch with Malcolm Gladwell!


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Edible Presentation
Museums adopt the experiential preferences of social media users Implications - Museums centered around the subject of food are offering immersive and even edible displays that cater to the attention spans of the modern day consumer. This shift comes as social... [More]
Micro Saving
Apps use micro payments to invest and pay down debts Implications - Brands are offering financial apps that allow users to invest, save or reduce debts with small sums of money. This shift comes as consumer debt in the U.S. remains higher than it has... [More]
Reformatted Documentary
Documentaries are being viewed in, and designed for, new distinct formats Implications - Filmmakers and businesses are opting to design documentaries around formats that include augmented and virtual reality, and gamified elements. The integration of documentaries into... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Portable Handmade Technology Desks

The 'Tablio Flip' Securely Holds Laptops and More

2. Core-Engaging Workout Tools

The 'MARRKO CORE' Workout Gear Targets 29 Muscles

3. Everyday Minimalist Wallets

The 'FOCX' Smart Wallet Does Away with Unnecessary Materials

4. LGBTQ-Inclusive Runway Shows

The Burberry Spring 2018 Celebrates Diversity with Rainbow Wonder

5. Bath Bomb Cocktails

PatrĂ³n's Margarita Bombs Make Cocktails Fun and Incredibly Easy

6. Modern Forest Adventure Parks

The Camp Adventure Park in Denmark Features a Unique Design

7. Professional 4K Smartphone Cameras

The Insta360 Nano S Camera Enables 360-Degree Content Recording

8. Minimalist Cafe Racers

The Tattoo Moto Vampire Slayer is a Simple Motorcycle with Clean Lines

9. Sculptural Illusion Houses

'A House to Die In' is a Sculpture That Doubles as a Residence

Featured Clusters

15 Healthy Packaging Innovations

From Futuristic Sauce Packaging to Waste-Reducing Banana Bars

16 Alcohol-Paired Foods

From Ice Wine-Infused Truffles to Boozy Bourbon Sandwiches

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From Pill-Packaged Face Masks to Vitamin Capsule Serums

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From Fantasy Princess Fragrances to Pirate-Themed Face Palettes

Pop Culture

28 Iconic Sneakers Revivals

From Vividly Reimagined Retro Sneakers to Museum-Backed Shoe Designs

12 Interactive Musical Packages

From Speaker-Embedded Bottles to Bottle-Top Cork Speakers


25 Security Camera Innovations

From DIY Home Security Cameras to Weatherproof Wireless Cameras

14 Queue-Shortening Retail Systems

From Smiling Payment Kiosks to Contactless Payment Hubs

Art & Design

32 Entertaining AI Innovations

From Comedy Content Bots to AI-Powered Dating Apps

42 Practical Commuter Backpacks

From Sleek Multi-Functional Backpacks to Anti-Theft Everyday Bags


75 Office Desk Accessories

From Anime-Inspired Terrariums to Writer's Block-Assisting Notebooks

35 Sustainable Produce Innovations

From Low Cost Boutique Grocers to Food-Preserving Smart Stamps


Anticipated Luxury SUVs

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the First Suv Designed by the Luxury Brand

Virtual Shopping Street Platforms

Orchard Mile Lets You Build Your Own Online Shopping Street


50 Back-to-School Fashion Innovations

From Built-In Speaker Hats to Retro Cartoon Cat Streetwear

45 Personalized Product Experiences

From Customized Whiskey Blends to In-Store Sneaker Creators

$20-Per-Month Homes

Community Produce Narratives

Canine Treat Subscriptions

12 Speeches on Pushing Yourself

20 Keynotes on Creating Connections

15 Presentations on Better Habits

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