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Consumer Insights
Omnipresent Security
Facial recognition technology is used to enhance public and private security Implications - Facial recognition technology is now being incorporated into personal and public security cameras in order to better help investigations on various crimes, and to generally strengthen... [More]
Streamlined Pet Care
Brands prioritize pet health with hyper-specific nutrient services Implications - Moving beyond standard pet products and accessories, brands are curating specific packages that target certain health conditions and ailments to offer more efficient solutions for pet... [More]
Self-Care Excursion
Self-care experiences expand outside of traditional spa experiences Implications - With the “self-care” industry booming, the versatile nature of the concept is allowing brands to create excursions based in the act of self-care, that stray from... [More]
Big-Ticket Vending
Vending machines evolve to sell bigger ticket items Implications - No longer sticking to convenient, on-the-go items, brands are taking the vending machine experience to another level by offering more luxurious, big-ticket items. From car dispensing... [More]
Multi-Gen Accommodation
Multi-generational living is accommodated through home design Implications - Architectural firms around the world are increasingly creating homes that accommodate multiple generations, with this being a magnified focus even in North America as multi-gen living... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Small Bunkhouse Hotels

The Eastwind Hotel and Bar Offers Only 19 Luxe and Private Accommodations

2. Flexible Trailer Homes

The 'Drake' Tiny Home Has A Multi-Purpose Third Room For Extra Space

3. Athletic Recovery Slip-on Shoes

The 'ParĂ¡sole' Recovery Socks Protect and Support the Feet

4. Prefab Pulley-Operated Shelters

'Cabin on the Border' is an Eco-Friendly Off-Grid Cabin

5. Romantically Presented Accessories

Totem Collective's New Bags are Shown in a Fluid Lookbook

6. Vintage-Inspired Graffiti Bags

Burberry's New Doodle Print Clutch Bag is Luxurious and Unique

7. Anime Series-Themed Capsules

Carnival Joins Forces with Dragon Ball Z for a Limited Edition Range

8. Limited-Edition QSR Pool Floaties

The KFC Colonel Sanders Floatie Has a Chicken Bucket Holder

9. Competition-Focused Game Controllers

The Scuf Vantage Prioritizes Customization and Performance

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From DIY Home Security Cameras to Weatherproof Wireless Cameras

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Pop Culture

21 Creative Footwear Collaborations

These Shoe Brand Collaborations Explore Unique Partnerships

45 Film-Inspired Fashion Collections

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15 Examples of Experimental 3D Printing

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40 Voice Control-Utilizing Devices

From Voice Mobile Shopping to Voice-Enabled Projectors

Art & Design

10 Infant Protection Products

From UV Protection Baby Beds to Intelligent Infant Air Purifiers

42 Practical Commuter Backpacks

From Sleek Multi-Functional Backpacks to Anti-Theft Everyday Bags


35 Recycled Material Innovations

From Eco-Friendly Sportswear to Paper-Paved Bike Paths

40 Travel Innovations for March

From In-Flight Meditation to Pay-Per-Day Travel Insurance


35 Examples of VIP Experiences

From Invite-Only Eateries to Exclusive Concert Events

Ultra-Luxe Underwater Residences

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island are Building a Unique Experience


30 OFF-WHITE Collaborations

From Fashionable Cold-Pressed Juices to Collaborative 80s Sunglasses

18 Sculptural Statement Jewelry Pieces

From Handmade Sand Jewelry to Faux Fur Statement Earrings

Public Solar Charging Stations

Fair Trade Monsters

Grocery-Rating Applications

25 Keynotes Offering Startup Tips

30 Talks About Charity

15 Presentations on Stereotypes

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