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In this week's newsletter, we're featuring the top ideas in 2017 in fashion, eco, tech, lifestyle, luxury, food and more! Plus, we have a couple sample custom trend reports (for email subscribers only). [DOWNLOAD]

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Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Youthful Brew
Take-home tea brands reflect branding that would appeal to younger demographics Implications - With the ritual of drinking tea at home more often being associated with older traditions, tea brands are using branding and visuals to revitalize the way their products are positioned.... [More]
Influencer Ubiquity
The influencer industry is no longer limited to marketing and artistic spaces Implications - From micro to pet influencers, the influencer industry is expanding to accommodate and transform a variety of spaces. With social media giving every individual the opportunity to make... [More]
Family Branding
The idea of family collaboration is being sold by celebrities Implications - Celebrities are more frequently collaborating with members of their own family in promotional campaigns and business ventures. A movement led by the likes of the Kardashians, families... [More]
Scented Selling
Brands make a splash by adopting fragrance experiences into advertising efforts Implications - As the bar for experiential brand interactions is heightened by the shift toward immersive campaigns, brands are including unexpected elements into their advertising efforts, like... [More]
Milky Care
Milk-based hair care products become increasingly popularized Implications - Milk-based, or seemingly milky, products designed for the hair are becoming increasingly popular as brands seek out ways to position their items ahead of their competition. The use of... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Fully-Stocked Van Houses

The Outside Van Powerstation Has Everything Needed for Living on the Road

2. Novelist-Inspired Tiny Homes

The Cornelia Tiny House is a Luxe Living Space from New Frontier

3. Minimalist Dutch Timepieces

The Richardt Mejer Daily Watch Collection is Masterfully Simple

4. Cybernetics-Inspired Workstations

The X-Series Workstation is Advanced and Ergonomic

5. Electrifying Commuter Motorbikes

This Motorbike is Designed For Reliable Urban Transportation

6. Smartphone-Inspired Laptops

This Conceptual MacBook X is Inspired by the iPhone X

7. Disappearing See-Through TVs

This Transparent Display TV Merges Seamlessly into Any Space

8. Ultra-Luxe Underwater Residences

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island are Building a Unique Experience

9. Functional Spiral Pet Staircases

SophiPet is Design-Forward & Compact Furniture for Pet Companions

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Pop Culture

Top 40 Social Media Trends for March

From Rapper-Made Social Platforms to Emoji Expansions

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30 Entertaining AI Innovations

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Art & Design

35 Recycled Material Innovations

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75 Office Desk Accessories

From Anime-Inspired Terrariums to Writer's Block-Assisting Notebooks


42 Practical Commuter Backpacks

From Sleek Multi-Functional Backpacks to Anti-Theft Everyday Bags

24 3D Architectural Projects

From Martian Desert Colonies to Habitable Housing


Luxe Celebrity-Designed Homes

Musician and DJ Moby is Selling The Renovated Red Oak Manor

Luxe Stocking Stuffer Collections

Louis Vuitton's Holiday Collection Offers Something for Everyone


18 Sculptural Statement Jewelry Pieces

From Handmade Sand Jewelry to Faux Fur Statement Earrings

15 Sensitive Skin Solutions

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Poverty-Aiding Fashion Campaigns

Eco Engagement Rings

18 Speeches on Poverty

25 Ways to Come Up With Ideas

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