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Greetings !

Future Festival Orlando is only a week away and we are already 90% sold out, so book today! Otherwise, reserve tickets for your city here before they're booked up (our last 9 events have sold out, so act now!)

If you haven't already, be sure to download the 2018 trend report, here.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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P.S. Here's my innovation keynote schedule:

Consumer Insights
Fast-Dry Device
Innovations in dryer technology prioritize space alongside function Implications - Brands are creating dryer devices that combine compactible designs with enhanced, limited-tech functions. These innovations serve consumers seeking to quickly dry clothing items,... [More]
Fashion-Enabled Monitoring
Medical practices are enhanced through fashionable clothing Implications - Medical professionals are creating clothing items that enhance their ability to monitor or help patients, without the clothing items being inconvenient or unsightly. These innovations... [More]
Redirected Taxi
Taxi services revamp features in response to an influx of competitors Implications - It is indisputable that the traditional taxi has been edged out by more convenient counterparts in recent years, and these services are having to revamp what they offer in response to... [More]
Lab-Grown Sustainability
Lab-grown meat, or imitation meat, offers a cruelty-free alternatives Implications - The practice of growing meat, or meat-like products in labs has taken hold in the food industry, and is becoming increasingly commonplace as consumers seek to adopt ethical purchasing... [More]
AI Responsibility
AI applications focus on morality and ethics-based services Implications - Brands are putting out artificial intelligence applications that focus specifically on principles of charity, empowerment, and/or helping individuals’ personal growth. These... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Norwegian Artist Hubs

This Northern Norway Work-Space is Built to Spark Artistic Work

2. Revived 90s Fashions

The Ralph Lauren's 2018 Snow Beach Collection Celebrates Iconic Looks

3. Chromatic Home Concepts

'Yellow Door House' is Punctuated by Pops of Color

4. Conceptual Floating Communities

The Proposed 'Floating Offshore Community' is Set in Hong Kong

5. Alternative Camping Cabins

The Small-Space 'Rolling Huts' are a Modern Camping Alternative

6. Micro Housing-Relief Initiatives

These Hong Kong Micro Apartments are in Concrete Pipes

7. Architectural Memo Pads

Triad's Omoshiro Blocks Reveal 3D Models as Its Pages are Torn Away

8. Modular Adventure Packs

The 'VINTA Type II' is Perfect for Adventurers with a Sense of Style

9. Modern Holiday Houses

Herbert Hussmann Created Two Modern Vacation Homes Outside of Berlin

Featured Clusters

28 Fidget Toy Products

From Programmable Fidget Spinners to Concentration-Enhancing Toys

17 Relaxation-Focused Products

From Portable De-Stressing Pods to Insomnia-Fighting Goggles

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18 Examples of Fresh Produce Packaging

From Luxe Grape Bunches to Single-Serve Olive Pouches

Pop Culture

30 Inclusive Marketing Innovations

From Boomer Makeup Campaigns to Skin-Matching Hosiery Lines

54 Cryptocurrency Revolutions

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35 Luxury Luggage Options

From Collapsible Suitcases to Self-Driving Smart Luggage

16 Smart Small Appliances

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Art & Design

15 Healthy Packaging Innovations

From Futuristic Sauce Packaging to Waste-Reducing Banana Bars

20 Creative Espresso Innovations

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35 Vegan Home Cooking Options

From Vegan Blue Cheese to Artisanal Vegan Sausages

50 Innovative Modular Products

From Bat-Identifying Phone Attachments to Modular Tent Systems


Designer Rollerblade Stilettos

YSL and Colette Collaborated on These Unconventional Heels

Futuristic Luxury Coupe Concepts

The 2050 Rolls-Royce Phantom Has a Purposefully Old School Design


35 Superfood Skincare Innovations

From Hydrating Blueberry Creams to Algae-Infused Face Masks

25 Luxurious Face Masks

From Latte-Inspired Masques to Diamond Peel-Off Masks

Courage-Creating Enterprises

Blanket Social Businesses

Group Solar Deals

15 Presentations on the Human Memory

25 Interpretations of Innovation

30 Talks About Sales

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