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Greetings !

This week's newsletter highlights the consumer insight Scented Marketing. Brands are exploring a myriad of frontiers to connect with and engage consumers. Scented Marketing shows how companies are delivering an immersive experience through scratch-and-sniff labeling, packaging and a variety of other products.

My favorite example is the scratch-and-sniff wine bottles from Cocomero.

If you missed my latest innovation keynote, you can watch it here. It's a quick 30-minute video where I discuss how to elicit change and find opportunity in a corporate culture. Learn how to better understand your organization and how you and your team can better adapt through tactical next steps.


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Cheesy Cashew
Cashew cheese is a realistic alternative to traditional dairy cheeses Implications - Cashew cheese is now becoming extremely popular as an alternative to cheeses made from dairy, featuring a tangy flavor and slightly gritty texture. More than catering to individuals... [More]
Frothed Rose
Specialty rose lattes become increasingly popular Implications - The use of rose as not only a prominent flavor in lattes, but also as inspiration for the way the beverages look, is becoming increasingly common. The rising popularity of this... [More]
Bio Accessory
Fashion accessories are made biodegradable to reduce their environmental impact Implications - Biodegradable accessories in the form of sunglasses, clothing, and more are increasingly common as brands seek to engage consumers seeking less harmful forms of consumption. This... [More]
Big Brand Sustainability
Big brands are making moves with large-scale sustainable initiatives Implications - Taking a bolder stance, big brands are rolling out mainstream initiatives that speak to growing environmental and sustainability concerns worldwide. From shifting packaging designs to... [More]
Protective Applicator
Sunscreen applicators prioritize function and even coverage Implications - Sunscreen brands are prioritizing the design of innovative applicators in order to improve the skincare coverage that such products are able to offer. The adoption of wand, spray or... [More]

Hot This Week

1. Lengthy Advertising Imagery

Versache Promotes Inclusive Fashion with the 'Longest-Ever' Ad Image

2. Multifunctional Eating Utensils

The 'StikChops' Work with a Multitude of Different Foods

3. High-End Tiny House Boats

The Le Koroc Boat is a Luxurious Home Away from Home on the Water

4. Day-Relevant Advertising Campaigns

Mcdonald's Graphic Print Ads Celebrate Moving Day in Qu├ębec

5. Aircraft Engine Motorcycles

The TMC Dumont Features a Literal Plane Engine and Hubless Wheels

6. Sci-Fi Show-Inspired Shorts

The Nancy Shorts are Inspired by the Upside-Down in Stranger Things

7. Artistically Contemporary Home Furniture

Gus* Modern's Living Room Furniture Line is Chic & Luxe

8. Skateboarding Game Apps

Skate Icon Nyjah Huston Launched His First Skateboarding Video Game

9. Contemporary Geometric Homes

The Villa No 30 Has a Unique Shape That Houses a Modern Interior

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From Anime-Branded Candy Collaborations to Iconic Anime Skateboards

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Pop Culture

40 Travel Innovations for March

From In-Flight Meditation to Pay-Per-Day Travel Insurance

21 Creative Footwear Collaborations

These Shoe Brand Collaborations Explore Unique Partnerships


98 Outdoor BBQ Products

From Smart Outdoor Lighting Systems to Thermal Salt Crystal Plates

30 Gamified Nightlife Experiences

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Art & Design

36 Stimulating Furniture Designs

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29 Ceramic Home Accessories

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35 Recycled Material Innovations

From Eco-Friendly Sportswear to Paper-Paved Bike Paths

20 Examples of Eco-Friendly Beauty Packaging

From Customizable Makeup Cases to Package-Free Soaps


Ultra-Luxe Gold BMX Bikes

Dior Homme Teams Up with Bogarde for a Limited Edition Capsule of Bikes

Skeletonized Luxury Watches

The Grande Seconde Skelet-One is a Fantastic Timepiece by Jaquet Droz


67 Hydration-Focused Innovations

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