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Today at 1 PM EST, Trend Hunter’s Director of Sales Operations and Special Projects Sean Watson will be hosting a free webinar panel discussion on innovation through times of uncertainty, in conversation with industry innovation experts. You’ll get to hear innovation tactics and industry insights from George Nukuto, Principal Scientist at Smuckers and Scott Vanderwel, SVP of Operational Improvement and Digital Operations at Rogers Communications.

In this discussion, you’ll gain insight into how these leaders have continued to innovate amidst uncertainty, how they’ve pivoted their practices to overcome emerging obstacles, and what’s next as they continue to navigate the new normal of today’s world.

If you'd like to register for this session, please click here. We can’t wait for you to join us!


Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
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Consumer Insights
Bio Furnishings
Biodegradable furnishings set a new precedent for interior design Trend - Environmentally friendly, biodegradable home and retail furnishings are on the rise as designers and consumers look to reduce their environmental foot print. Everything from beds and carpets... [More]
Mood Cosmetic
Mainstream cosmetic brands tap into the power of aromatherapy Trend - With smaller artisanal brands known for their focus on aromatherapy becoming more popular, corporations with more mainstream audiences are taking notes. These brands are now offering... [More]
Vegan Online
Online vegan shops offer realistic cheese alternatives Trend - The rising popularity of vegan cheeses has brought on virtual stores where people can purchase from a number of dairy-free cheese options. These products cater to people who are vegan, have... [More]
Açaí Cosmetic
Açaí is incorporated into makeup products to enhance their benefits Trend - Known for being a “superfood,” açaí berries are now being incorporated into cosmetic items in order for brands to tout their benefits past masking imperfections. Products... [More]
Scooter Safety
The growing popularity of e-scooters has resulted in enhanced safety precautions Trend - The convenience and eco-friendly nature of electric scooters has resulted in the growth of this space, particularly in urban areas where getting by via car can be inconvenient. The... [More]

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1. Refillable Toothpaste Pumps

IKI Does Away with the Standard Toothpaste Tube

2. 3D-Printed Custom Face Masks

LuxMea Studios & Shapeways Revolutionize the Mask Production Process

3. Gear-Sanitizing Backpacks

The 'Hygiene20' Smart Sanitizing Backpack Has a UV-C Light Inside

4. Prefabricated Farm Houses

The Karangahake Farm House was Built in Four Days

5. Collapsible Tripod Camping Stoves

The Herbet Portable Stove Has an Award-Winning Design

6. Tiny Supplemental Property Cabins

The Hello Wood 'Kabinka' Cabin Has a Multifunctional Design

7. Wearable Protective Barrier Pods

The 'SheidPod' Limits Exposure to Pathogens Anywhere

8. Time Indicator Hydration Vessels

The 'SHEGGS' Water Bottle Has a Minimalist Design

9. Dual-Purpose Wicker Pet Sofas

The 'CatYou in a Circle' Furniture Offers Space for Pets and Owners

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