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Sanjay Rawal's Farm Workers Talk Discusses Fair Employee Conditions

 - Nov 26, 2014
References: youtube
Sanjay Rawal's worker talk debunks some of the confusion surrounding the history of fair trade employees and unionization. Rawal also explains how the Fair Food Program works to sustain the equal, fair and properly paid production of food in the US.

While many of us buy food multiple times a day, we don't usually take the time to think where our food came from or if those who picked it were paid fairly. Rawal's worker talk explores how today it is nearly impossible to guarantee if our food is 100% fair food because domestic and farmworkers are often excluded from that calculation. The creation of organizations such as the Fair Food Program directed by Rawal were designed to help ensure that major retailers, like Walmart or Whole Foods, are signing up to be transparent with their consumers by guaranteeing that the food they sell meets the standards of fair food.