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The Work Speech Given by Pamela Slim on Finding Security in a Body of Work

 - Apr 28, 2015
In her work speech, Pamela Slim discusses finding purpose in your career in the new world economy. The speaker states the only thing we can count on is perpetual uncertainty and constant change. She says if we cannot find security in our external circumstances, we need to go inside ourselves. The work speech suggests creating an "internal security by building a body of work that is personally significant, that solves important and useful problems and builds a community of peers and community members that consider your work to be indispensable."

Instead of a list on a resume, her definition includes everything you create, contribute, affect and impact throughout the course of your life. This includes intangible factors like trust too. To create a body of work foundation, you need roots made up of values, beliefs, problems you want to solve and people you want to serve.