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Work Culture Keynote Speaker Jaime Neely on the Evolution of Workplaces

 - Feb 8, 2019
References: futurefestival
Work culture keynote speaker Jaime Neely is a firm believer that regardless of whether you’re a junior employee or a CEO, your work environment will have a major impact on your non-work life. After working with hundreds of the world’s biggest brands and assessing a wide range of business leaders through Trend Hunter’s Innovation Assessment, Neely was able to identify the four critical components (the "4 E's") of modern work culture: Evolution, Engagement, Experience, and Excellence.

In her presentation on the future of work, Trend Hunter Futurist Neely explores each of these four components, starting with Evolution. Workplaces today are far different than they were 5, 10, or 50 years ago, and Trend Hunter has tracked this shift over time through a number of trends and insights. Neely also pinpoints some important generational differences in the workforce, and how organizations can accommodate them in order to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Neely’s keynote goes far beyond "trendy work perks" to showcase a powerful connection between innovation and strong work culture. Preview her presentation above, and visit our website to learn more about Trend Hunter’s best innovation keynote speakers. You can book a work culture keynote speaker for your own event, or come to our top innovation conference in a city near you to see our team of Futurists in action!