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Kirsten Hall's Women in Business Talk Explores New Ideas in Gender Equality

 - Mar 31, 2016
In her women in business talk, Kirsten Hall explains why she has decided to resign from networks and events that celebrate her gender in the workplace. The speaker believes that, although this is not a discussion to be had in all parts of the world, it is time for all employees to be judged on ability and not their sex. She takes the perspective that honoring the existence of women in the business world might be perpetuating the bias females seek to overcome.

The women in business talk poses several provocative questions that imply singling women out just for being female in the workpalce could be inadvertently doing more harm than good in the context of a progressive democracy. Hall states that equality benefits the previously unequal and society at large, but it is not just a woman's problem -- it's everyone's problem.

The speech calls to shift focus to skills as an objective criteria while maintaining diversity.