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Nathan Jamail's Winning Culture Talk Focuses on a Positive Attitude

 - Oct 21, 2014
References: youtube
In his winning culture talk, Nathan Jamail suggests that a positive attitude goes a long way.

In fact, he takes this advice and goes one step further, proposing that we make positivity a mandate. We can't control someone else's bad attitude, but we can control the fact that we're paying them! He encourages us to eliminate the "life-suckers" on our team, because life is too short to foster that type of energy. In fact, Jamail believes that we are equipped with an inner thermostat, one that we set during our interactions. Interactions are essentially energy transfers. If we have our thermostat operating at a negative frequency, that will immediately color our interactions and limit our potential.

Positivity is a key element in creating a winning culture. Though it's easy to say and hard to do sometimes, we do have the power of sanctioning and implementing it throughout our team.