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Aubrey de Grey's Why We Age and How We Can Avoid Keynote Improves Lifespans

 - Jul 12, 2012
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Aubrey de Grey's why we age and how we can avoid it keynote describes how to defeat aging, and the various steps one needs to take in their life. Aubrey de Grey is a Cambridge researcher who focuses on eliminating the relationship between how old a human is, and the likelihood of them dying.

He explains that aging is a treatable disease, and he provides the audience with seven different ways to prevent growing old. Aging is known for being ghastly and inevitable, but Aubrey explains that this inevitability may be unclear. Fundamental and incremental breakthroughs are improving therapy which will help people live longer.

Aubrey de Grey's why we age and how we can avoid it keynote expresses his views that humans in theory can live much longer lives than people are today. His focus on regenerative medicine, tissue repair strategies and therapies suggests that human lifespans can potentially be indefinite.