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Brian Krzanich's Wearable Tech Talk Explores Visionary Consumer Electronics

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: youtube
As the CES 2015 innovation conference continues to showcase talented disruptors in a wide variety of consumer electronic sectors, Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich's wearable tech talk reveals several newly emerging products that will revolutionize the digital world.

According to Krzanich, Intel sees a rising future in 3D technology. The popular manufacturing company has come up with several innovative products that accelerate the 3D printing, design and depth for consumer use. Concepts like Intel's RealSense Technology uses depth to allow consumers more flexibility and easier access to using their electronics. For example, the RealSense Technology will be featured in laptops so that consumers can use hand gestures to give the laptop a command rather than physical touch. This will allow consumers to use their laptops while cooking or crafting without getting the laptop dirty.