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Virginia Heffernan Discusses the Fallacies of Managing Online Communities

 - Apr 4, 2012
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Virginia Heffernan is an American digital and pop culture journalist who recently became Yahoo! News national correspondent and the author of 'Magic and Loss: The Pleasures of the Internet,' to be released in 2012. In this brief, informative talk, Virginia Heffernan discusses the common misunderstanding around managing user-generated content. Drawing on examples like that of call-in radio shows, Virginia Heffernan compares the task of managing such content to a full-time job, worthy of adequate payment.

According to Heffernan, there is still a strong feeling out there that managing online content, especially when user-generated, is easy and little work. In actuality, Heffernan explains it much more than simply using the free content, as moderators are "scaffolding the experience for the user," through templates and the ordering of threads, all of which make a website navigable and of value to a company.