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Virginia Heffernan Talks About Our Obsession with 'Mad Men'

 - Mar 22, 2012
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Yahoo! News national correspondent Virginia Heffernan discusses nostalgia and its place in pop culture, using the extreme popularity of the hit television show 'Mad Men' as an example. In this brief talk, Virginia Heffernan touches on the nature of our culture, which she says isn't linear, and how as a society we have a craving to rediscover certain elements of our past. An example specific to 'Mad Men' is the mid-century information most threatened by obsolescence. Virginia Heffernan says there is a fear that we may be losing something as we streamline our everyday tasks through the access to modern technology.

Virginia Heffernan also discusses the extent to which our culture has become obsessed with nostalgia, such as the movement in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that sees young people doing things like churning butter and owning chickens at home for fresh eggs.