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Dan Ariely's Varying Morality Speech Discusses Experiments

 - Aug 10, 2013
References: danariely & youtu.be
Speaker Dan Ariely discusses the different levels of morality that people possess in this varying morality speech. Ariely talks about how people will cheat on tests or lie just a little bit and still feel honest.

Ariely tells viewers about experiments he has done, testing people to see if they will cheat. He got groups of people to solve math problems and then had half of those people tear up their tests. He asked those who tore up their papers how many problems they had solved, and most lied about the number. Though there was nothing to gain by lying, people claimed to have done more work than they actually did.

Ariely discusses the way in which people feel more comfortable stealing a pencil from work then they do stealing a dime. Though both are small and worth very little, people feel better about taking the pencil.