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Jill Vialet Promotes Recess in Her Importance of Play Keynote

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: playworks.org & youtube
Jill Vialet shares her concern with the modern approach to play and recess in this importance of play keynote. As the founder of Playworks, Jill Vialet is passionate about providing children with the means and the time to actively engage with one another through informal education.

Contemporary school curriculums are slowly decreasing the times children are able to play during recess as a result of it being seen as the period that contributes the least towards beneficial education.

Games are a vital part of a child's development; they teach kids how to solve problems, interact with one another and work towards a common goal. Informal education is falling apart and children are arriving to school without knowing how to properly play. Control needs to become less about controlling kids and more about giving them control over their own decisions.