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This Understanding Mistakes Keynotes by Kathryn Schulz Promotes Error

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: youtube
Making a mistake is one of the great way people become educated, as is discussed by Kathryn Schulz in her understanding mistakes keynotes.

As an "expert of being wrong," Schulz states that people have a great capacity for understanding and embracing those mistakes that people make -- the humor that people find it. Every body makes mistakes, it's an inevitability of human life. People have grown to accept the mistakes they've made, but often times people have a difficulty in fully acknowledging it in a public setting as discussed by Schulz. People will deny, become defensive and even generate stories just to spare themselves from ridicule.

The problem is people tend to scrutinize themselves, but Schulz believes that its that practice that hinders people from fully recognizing their mistakes and learning from them.