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Stephen Dubner's Unconventional Solutions Speech Overcomes Obstacles

 - Sep 29, 2014
References: freakonomics & youtube
Author of Think Like a Freak Stephen Dubner invites consumers to approach problems from unusual perspectives in his unconventional solutions speech called 'Eating Hot Dogs Like a Freak.' The speech uses the case study of the famous hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi to highlight how approaching an obstacle in an experimental and unusual way is a great technique to find untapped solutions to problems.

Dubner advocates that using experimentation as a tool when trying to come up with answers helps to allow the mind to take on an obstacle from an unconventional perspective. In Kobayashi's case, the hot dog enthusiast approached trying to beat the world eating record by testing out bizarre ways to eat a hot dog such as soaking the bun in water. This method is often fruitful providing you with answers you might have not otherwise arrived at without stepping outside of the box. Dubner says that "... by asking a different question [Kobayashi] came up with an entirely different set of answers" to his problem.