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Mark van der Heijden's Travel Talk Discusses The Backpacker Intern

 - Jan 22, 2015
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In his travel talk, Mark van der Heijden discusses how wanderlust can change your life. After catching the travel bug, the speaker tried to think of creative solutions to travel more when he didn't have money. Realizing it was about the experience and all he really needed as food, sleep and wifi, he found his answer. As The Backpacker Intern, Mark travels the world creating for agencies, brands and charities in return for food and a place to sleep. So far he has been to 19 countries and worked at 24 companies.

The travel talk explains when you travel, you meet all kinds of people with a different perspective on life. Even though you will not always agree with them, you can always learn from them. Making the world a better place is often about widening your perspective. Other suggestions Mark makes are to go beyond your limits, switch on life
and love the little things.