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An Informative Transition Management Keynote by Dr. Mark Devolder

 - Aug 5, 2012
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Focusing on change and how to keep people engaged both professionally and personally, Dr. Mark Devolder presents an entertaining and informative transition management keynote.

He points out that while many individuals thrive on change, there are those who will do anything to avoid it. This, however, results in a lack of engagement -- or disengagement as he refers to it. Dis-engagement poses a serious threat to teams and can jeopardize success.

Dedication, motivation and a sense of belonging all fall under the umbrella of engagement. When people become disengaged, trust in relationships crumbles and the potential to sabotage the success of the team from both within and without is too high.

To avoid dis-engagement, people fulfilling leadership roles need to have a strong understanding of people's needs during times of change. Happy employees will be more open to change, and as a result, more engaged.