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A Timeless Technologies Keynote by Scott Berkun

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: scottberkun & youtube
This Scott Berkun timeless technologies keynote makes a strong case for the argument that despite the emergence of new discoveries and new ways of thinking, there are methods of fostering ideas and sparking change that are universal and are used time and time again.

While new developments and breakthroughs are occurring daily, the speaker explains that the method that people use to disseminate and share this information has remained relatively the same.

Lecturing and public speaking have always been the way by which an inventor or researcher pitches his or her ideas to the public and, as argued by Berkun, word-of-mouth will continue to play a role in society in the future.

The unwavering popularity and importance of writing and public speaking are explored in this timeless innovative practices keynote which proves that despite living in a rapidly evolving world -- some things will never change.