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David Alexrod's Thought Provoking Commencement Speech is Emotional

 - Jul 12, 2012
References: youtube
David Axelrod, a world class political advisor, senior advisor to President Barack Obama, gave a thought provoking commencement speech at Beloit College back in 2010. Addressing some of the concerns of graduates which he and his party know all too well, Axelrod assures graduates of their dreams, their passions and their hopes. Understanding the risks involved, Axelrod encourages Beloit graduates to go for the gold and try out whatever they think might make them happy because at this point the "traditional career path" has simply been entirely re-envisioned.

As Axelrod shares some of his own career accomplishments, his personal family goals and his overall life that has led him to such a distinguished position, he is incredibly self-assured while being subtly funny and deeply inspiring. Perhaps the best advice he gives to graduates is "pursue your passions, to chase your dreams to seek the things that will fill your heart and soul and not just your bank account."