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Thornton May Discusses the Accelerating Rate of Change

 - Feb 28, 2012
References: itleadershipacademy & youtube
Thornton May is a highly energetic thinker in the field of technology futurism. His predictive processes and views on trends in electronics not only allows businesses to prepare for coming changes, but also allows for a better utilization of the tools we have currently. As the executive director of the IT Leadership Academy, May frequently explores the broader implication of the Internet on the business world.

May explains how the accelerating rate of change of technology completely alters the decision-making process in all aspects of living. He delves into the concept of 'big data' and explores its dimensions. He explains that there is more and more information, which comes at a greater speed. However, the exciting aspect of this evolution is the variety. There is a fountain of sources to verify information. In addition, this information is now also being explored through unstructured data, which has underlying benefits.