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Rachel Botsma Discusses Swapping in This Collaborative Consumption Keynote

 - May 23, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Rachel Botsman talks about the development of "swap-trading" in this collaborative consumption keynote. Collaborative consumption is a form of exchange in which individuals build up "reputation capital," the percentage of how many successful trades a person has made with other traders. Websites such as Swap.com str allowing individuals to exchange items with each, a system that is based on trust ratings and a mutually beneficial exchange of goods.

Technology is allowing people to create trust amongst strangers. Social networks are making it possible for people to go back to a time in which trading was dynamic and appealing, creating what Botsman calls "an economy of what's mine is yours."

Rachel Botsman ends her keynote by saying how swap-trading forms of consumption will "disrupt outdated modes of business, leapfrog over wasteful forms of hyper consumption and teach us when enough really is enough."