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Dan Harmon's Television Talk Dissects His Process for Production

 - Aug 5, 2017
References: youtube & talksat.withgoogle
Dan Harmon has created beloved cult classics like 'Community' and 'Rick and Morty,' and in his television talk the writer and producer goes into the mechanisms behind his creative process.

Harmon stands at an interesting intersection, since he's acted as a writer and creator and as a producer. On the one hand, as a writer he recognizes the frustration of having to push back against the advice of a producer who doesn't understand his creative vision. Yet, as a producer, he knows that not all writers have the talent to create something really good without some help. Harmon acknowledges that now, as a producer foremost, his will to avoid micromanaging and to trust in the talent of others is essential for turning out good work.

One of Harmon's lesser known works, albeit still a popular one, is his podcast 'Harmontown.' Though the podcast is often brutally honest about himself and his experiences, he attests that that level of honesty isn't a burden but rather a catharsis, one that helps him to stay creative.