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Thomas Hellum's Television Keynote Explores the Concept of Slow TV

 - Dec 19, 2014
References: youtube
Media producer Thomas Hellum's television keynote explores the new wave of Slow TV -- the concept of watching something unfold in realtime on your television set. Despite how boring it may sound to watch something unfold for several consecutive hours on end, Hellum testifies that viewers actually adore watching Slow TV broadcastings.

Similar to livestreaming, Slow TV showcases an event unfold in realtime such as an eight hour train trip, a six day ferry ride or a 18 hour fishing trip in Norway. Each of these instances showcase the event from a first person perspective making it seem as though the viewer is living alongside the experience. In a way they are -- since the event is unfolding right before their eyes. The reactions to this new format of television have been outstanding. While the filming takes a large amount of equipment and time, Hellum says he and his team appreciate most the people they met along the way. "We were allowed to be part of people's living room," he says, "with this strange TV program, with music, nature, people."